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Study details: MRes: 1 year full-time, part-time route available

Marine biology is an extraordinarily broad and dynamic subject, reflecting the diversity and energy of marine ecosystems and the fantastic array of life they contain, making this a compelling ... more

Study details: MSc 1 year full-time

Taught by internationally recognised experts active at the science/policy interface, this interdisciplinary programme examines both scientific and policy-oriented aspects of conservation. Teaching ... more

Study details: MSc: 12 months full-time

Providing nutritious food is a key target for the government, which is keen to encourage industry and academic experts to work together to improve food standards. The politics of food in society, ... more

Study details: MSc/PgDip/PgCert: 3- 5 years part-time

This postgraduate course provides relevant, up-to-date experience of food safety management, which is of vital importance both to organisations and individuals in the food industry, enforcement and ... more

Study details: MRes 12-months full-time

Our MRes will prepare you for a research career in Bioengineering. The programme aims to: Produce postgraduates equipped to pursue careers at the interface between the physical, biological and ... more

Study details: MA 1 year full-time, 2 years part-time

The Department of Philosophyhas outstanding research strength in the fields of philosophy of biology, philosophy of psychology and philosophy of cognitive sciences. We are ranked by the ... more

Study details: MA/MSc One year FT, two years PT

The Environment and Development MA/MSc course is designed to provide you with an advanced theoretical understanding of the relationship between development problems and environmental issues, grounded ... more

Study details: MSc 1 year full time 2 years part time

The MSc Analytical and Forensic Science has been designed to provide expert laboratory training and help you secure employment in analytical science,DNAanalysis or forensic science ... more

Study details: MSc Full-time: One year (three semesters). The course will run for a full calendar year, starting in September.

MSc Forensic Toxicology combines aspects of analytical chemistry, biochemistry and pharmacology that are crucial to the role of the drugs chemist working within a toxicological environment. While the ... more

Study details: PgCert: 1- 3 years part-time

HACCP Management is a unique course which provides relevant and up-to-date experience in foodborne disease and HACCP development, development in essential transferable skills such as communication ... more

Study details: MSc: 1 year full-time

Our programme gives graduates the scientific knowledge and practical skills to carry out research in the emerging area of animal science and ‘One Health', by providing foundation ... more

Study details: MVetSci: 36-72 months, PgDip: 24-48 months, PgCert: 12-24 months

Veterinary medicine is a rapidly evolving discipline, comprising a wide range of specialist areas. Research in veterinary medicine is directly relevant to the improvement of health and welfare of ... more

Study details: MSc/PGDip/PGCert One year

MSc Forensic Anthropology is designed to enable graduate students to develop skills in a variety of areas, which concern the processing, analysis and identification of human remains. This ... more

Study details: MSc 1 year Full time 2 years Part time

The MSc in Forensic Mental Health will provide a new generation of clinicians and researchers with the skills needed to work safely, ethically and effectively with offenders who pose a risk to ... more

Study details: MSc 1 year Full time

Biomaterials are modified natural or synthetic materials which find application in a spectrum of medical implants for the repair, augmentation and replacement of body tissues. As people live longer ... more

Study details: MSc 3 years online

This innovative programme offers a practical approach to implementing GIS techniques in work and other real-world environments. Introducing your course A masters in ... more

Study details: MSc 1 year full-time 2 years part-time (UK/EU only)

12 months full-time 20 months full-time with Professional Experience 24 months part-time Biotechnology uses living cells and materials produced by cells to create ... more

Study details: MSc Full time, Part time

The programme is based around the development of new medicines, including the design, disposition, delivery, action and use of drugs. Pharmaceutical Science is at the interface of biochemistry, ... more

Study details: MA One year full time. Part time available

Examine how literature reflects and shapes the way we see the landscape and the environment. Staff are internationally recognised for their research in this field. Opportunities for ... more

Study details: MSc Full-time: 1 year; Flexible: 2-5 years

This MSc is unique in the UK in focusing on five core areas which have risen rapidly up the public agenda - environment, climate and energy economics, modelling and policy - and for which ... more

Study details: MSc by Research: one year full-time, part-time available

The strength of the school's research programme is greatly enhanced by its position within the Faculty of Health Sciences. Our research extends from the fundamental to the applied and we ... more

Study details: MSc 1 year full-time

Our MSc in Bioinformatics is a unique and exciting course. It bridges the interface between genomics, computing and healthcare. Students develop skills and competence to effectively analyse, ... more

Study details: PgDip: 2 - 4 years part-time

HACCP Management is a unique course which provides relevant and up-to-date experience in foodborne disease and HACCP development, development in essential transferable skills such as communication ... more

Study details: MSc 1 year Full-time / 2 years Part-time

This programme is delivered in close collaboration with our advisory board of representatives from the water industry, and provides fundamental and applied training in the science and management of ... more

Study details: MSc Full time, Part time

Biotechnology is the practical application of molecular biology in human and animal health, agriculture, the environment and biochemical manufacturing. This programme equips you with knowledge of ... more