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This programme provides high quality post-graduate training that builds the capacity for critical analysis, independent judgement and engagement with critical audiences on Leadership and Development. ... more

Study details: MSc: 1 year full-time, 2 years part-time

Study details: MSc 12 months full-time, 24 months part-time

Development is not just about increasing growth and political and social rights. It is about creating self-sustaining institutions that liberate societies from low level deprivation traps by ... more

Study details: MSc Full-time: 18 months, Part-time: 28 months ; English; Swansea Campus

The MSc Financial Management (Professional Learning and Development) is designed for accountants who are currently in the education sector, or for recent graduates who are considering gaining ... more

Study details: MSc/PGDip/PGCert Full-time 1 year Part-time 2 years

Study details: MSc Full-time: 1 year, Part-time: 2 years

Study details: MSc 1 year full time

Study details: MSc (one year full-time); PgDip (eight months full-time)

This course will equip you with the knowledge required to become a skilled quantity surveyor. During your time with us, you’ll develop a sound understanding of procurement and financial ... more

Study details: MSc.Full-time: 12 months Part-time: 24 months

* Delivered in Accra, Ghana, in collaboration with University of Ghana Business School, one of the top business schools in Africa * The programme prepares students for the ... more

Study details: MSc: One year part-time two years full-time

For those wishing to develop a career in general management but focus on management analysis, our MSc/PG Dip/PG Cert Management course is ideal. It embraces and follows development and understanding ... more

Study details: MSc 1 year FT, 2-3 years PT

This programme focuses on management and its environment in Japan and includes high-level courses in international management and finance disciplines. It draws upon Japan experts and management ... more

Study details: MSc: 1 year full-time, 2 years part-time

Study details: MSc.Full-time: 12 months Part-time: 24 months

* Examine financial sector development in the context of economic growth and development * Analyse the role of development finance in economic development from micro and ... more

Study details: MSc 1 year full-time, option to study for a second year at the University of Konstanz

This course explores the theories, issues and evidence in economics analysis, as applied to developing countries. It is informed by the cutting-edge work of academics associated with the Centre ... more

Study details: PGDip 1 year full time, 2 years part time

Study details: 2-4 years (part-time)

Why studyWork Based and Integrative Studies (WBIS) with us? Our course will enable you to ‘learn while you earn'. The first module will help you to undertake a self-audit and ... more

Study details: MBA 1 year FT

Study for an MBA Banking and Finance Master's Degree at one of Europe's foremost Banking and Finance Schools. The MBA Banking and Finance is designed for candidates with degrees or relevant ... more

Study details: MSc part-time flexible learning 18 months

The course draws on knowledge from a broad range of academic disciplines that need to come together, and be considered, in an aviation security context.We will look at everything from threats, ... more

Study details: MSc 12 months full-time, 24 months part-time

The study of international political economy is the study of interactions between markets and politics; the influence of markets on politics and the influence of policy on markets. The MSc in ... more

Study details: MSc; One year full-time, two years part-time; Kent Business School