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Study details: MSc 1 year - Full-time, Part-time route available

Measuring, describing and depicting the seabed is crucial to the maintenance and development of ports, safe navigation, offshore renewables and the continuing search for hydrocarbons. Yet there ... more

Study details: MSc 1 year - Full-time, Part-time route available

Do you want to be involved in the defence, protection and management of the world's coastlines? Aimed at engineers and physical scientists, our MSc Coastal Engineering combines the theory ... more

Study details: MSc: 12 months full-time

10 funded places for high calibre Scottish & EU students for entry 2018 This MSc is for ambitious engineering graduates who wish to strengthen, lead and transform the high-growth global wind ... more

Study details: MSc: 1 year full-time

LJMU's long history of high quality masters teaching in Marine and Offshore Engineering will ensure you are prepared for a successful career in this growing industry. Study at one of ... more

Study details: MRes: 1 year full-time, part-time route available

Take the opportunity to study on the UK's first MSc Marine Renewable Energy programme. Building on our international reputation for marine research and teaching, the Peninsula Research ... more

Study details: MSc; 3 years of part-time study online

Developed with the Engineering Council as part of the Engineering Gateway programme, this MSc Professional Engineering online degree is a highly flexible, part-time, work-based learning route to ... more

Study details: MSc: 12 months full-time, 36 months part-time

This course offers you an advanced qualification in engineering and the opportunity to develop a specialised knowledge of materials engineering. It is one of very few such courses offered at Masters ... more

Study details: Part time: normally 24 months ; maximum 60 months

The Marine Technology Education Consortium courses offer innovative and flexible training for graduates working in the marine industry. You will develop advanced technical skills and business ... more

Study details: MSc: 12 months full-time; PgDip: 9 months full-time

Study details: MSc 1 year (full-time)

This MSc introduces graduate students with science or engineering backgrounds to basic concepts in marine science, which are then augmented by an understanding and application of resource management ... more

Study details: MSc 1 year full-time, 2-3 years part-time

Study details: Full time: 12 months, part time: 24 months, CPD modules available.

This course teaches you the essential skills required to become a practicing pipeline engineer. The oil and gas industry help to specify the curriculum so we meet their requirements in high-pressure ... more

Study details: MSc 12 months full-time (on campus) study, 27 months part-time distance learning

Study details: MRes 1 year (full-time); up to 5 years (part-time)

Study details: MSc: 12 months full-time; PgDip: 9 months full-time

Study details: MSc: 2–5 years; PG Dip: 2–5 years; PG Cert: 1–3 years (all distance learning and one-week intensive schools)

Study details: 1 year full-time, 2-3 years part-time

Energy supply is fundamentally important to our homes and workplaces. Future energy supply has to be stable, secure, not only affordable but sustainable, which makes energy supply a systems ... more

Study details: Full time: 12 months

Our Technology in the Marine Environment MRes provides research training, supervision and collaboration to international standards in the topics covered by the marine technology research groups.

Study details: Full time: 12 months, or 24 months with preliminary year

This course gives you an understanding of marine engineering and its practice. It covers topics associated with Naval Architecture (hull and propulsor) and Marine Engineering (machinery).

Study details: Full-time - 45 weeks / Online Distance Learning - Minimum 3 years and 6 months

The future exploration and development of Oil and Gas will increasingly move towards offshore drilling and production. This will involve drilling and production rigs, vessels and infrastructure. more

Study details: MSc:12 months full-time, 24 months part-time; PgDip: 9 months full-time, 21 months part-time

The range of subjects available to study at Australian and New Zealand universities is huge. Almost any subject you can study at university in the UK will be offered by at least one university in ... more

Study details: MSc Full time 45 weeks; online 42 months

Study details: Part time: 36 months

This Marine Technology course is for maritime professionals working full time in Singapore. Our dynamic course responds to the challenges and demands of the global maritime sector. This course ... more

Study details: MSc 1 year FT, 2 years PT