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Study details: MSc 1 year full-time Up to 3 years part-time (UK/EU only)

Health and social care national and international sectors have become increasing complex and the need for dynamic and effective leaders and managers who can design, lead and implement agreed outcomes ... more

Study details: MSc 2-4 years part-time

The MSc in Advanced Practice is aimed at all health and social care staff who are looking to develop their knowledge and skills as advanced practitioners. Over the past decade, the emergence ... more

Study details: MPH - 24 months Online

The Master of Public Health (MPH) programme online has been designed for busy health professionals looking to gain a recognised qualification from a top UK university while continuing to work at the ... more

Study details: MSc 1 year full-time; 2 years part-time

Study for a Masters-level qualification at Liverpool John Moores University's renowned Public Health Institute. International Public Health offers a broad-based understanding of health ... more

Study details: MSc; 2-3 years of part time study. online

If you have an undergraduate degree in psychology, you can benefit from this flexible online Health Psychology Masters degree. Accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS), this course ... more

Study details: PGDip 16 months Online

Develop confidence and gain leadership skills sure to put you on the road to global success with our Postgraduate Diploma in International Healthcare Management. Boost your knowledge and ... more

Study details: MSc 20 months full-time with Professional Experience

The impetus for the MSc Global Healthcare Management programme stems from recognition, nationally and internationally, of the need to build leadership and management capabilities for those wishing to ... more

Study details: MSc: 3 years part-time

Health Informatics is one of the fastest growing areas within healthcare. In its simplest form, health informatics is about getting the right information to the right person at the right time. It is ... more

Study details: MSc; 2-5 years of part time study online

This is one of our most established online courses and the only online MSc Environmental Health course accredited by both the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and the Royal Environmental ... more

Study details: MSc: 3 years part-time

Accredited by the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP), our online courses have been developed for people working in the humanitarian sector or for those wishing to enter this field. They ... more

Study details: PGCert 1 year full-time, 2-3 years part-time

The global burden of disease and challenges of safe and accessible health services means that more than ever practitioners and researchers need skills for developing, testing, evaluating and ... more

Study details: MBA: Full-time - 12 Months Part-time - 24 Months

Develop the professional knowledge and skills you will need to lead the planning, delivery and improvement of health policy and services at a senior level in either the NHS or in the private ... more

Study details: PGCert Part-time 8 months

Develop your career or make your move into Healthcare Management with our internationally-focused Postgraduate Certificate. This course will give you an understanding of a range of both global health ... more

Study details: MSc 12 months full-time, 24 months part-time

The MSc Global Health Policy draws on LSE's strengths in politics and economics to analyse a range of global health issues and policy responses. Through engaging with both quantitative and ... more

Study details: MRes 1 year Full time

The MRES in Global Health Law and Governance is a pre-doctoral training programme designed to provide a critical, research led approach to the study of Global Heath Governance, together with training ... more

Study details: MA; Full-time 1 year; Part-time: 2 years

The MA in African Studies with Heritage will draw on UCL’s expertise in archaeology and anthropology to provide a critical framework for assessing the management and protection of heritage ... more

Study details: MSc 1 year Full time 2 years Part time

Decisions made at the global or international level, including those related to trade, aid, conflict and climate change, can have a profound impact on health at the national and local levels. For ... more

Study details: MSc 1 year Full time 2 years Part time

Overview: Is this for you? The re-launch of this exciting programme is designed to build a diverse and vibrant interdisciplinary learning community of multi-professional practitioners from all parts ... more

Study details: MPH Online - Full Time, 1 Years Online - Part Time, 2 Years

The range of optional modules offered and the breadth of cases used across the programme will provide opportunities for specialism in the global and local context in areas including: ... more

Study details: MSc Online

With social, political, economic and ecological factors all having a direct impact on public health, it's vital for health professionals to be able to see the global picture of how these ... more

Study details: MSc: 1 year FT, 2 or 3 years PT PGDip: 1 year FT, 2 years PT PGCert: 1 year FT, 2 years PT

Specialist Education in the Fastest Growing Healthcare Specialty Are you working in healthcare and want to increase your knowledge and skills in health informatics? It's one of the fastest ... more

Study details: PGDip 1 year part time online

Having a specialist knowledge in Health Economics is an increasingly important asset and extra responsibility of medical personnel. Run with our collaborative partnerDiploma MSc, the online ... more

Study details: PGDip - 16 months Online

Our Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health is an advanced qualification designed to equip busy health professionals with a recognised qualification from a top UK university while continuing to work at ... more

Study details: MSc 1 year full-time, 2 years part-time

12 months full-time 20 months full-time with Professional Experience 24 months part-time The impetus for the MSc Global Healthcare Management programme stems from ... more

Study details: MSc 1 year part time online

This one-year online Masters, run in partnership withDiploma MSc, is ideal for anyone working in a healthcare role that needs leadership skills, such as GP practice managers, pharmacy managers, ... more