Finance MRes

Study Details:

MRes 1 year Full time

Institution: Queen Mary University of London
Finance Logo

The Master of Research (MRes) in Finance offered by the School of Economics and Finance (SEF) is a research-oriented postgraduate programme for students who already hold an MSc in finance or a related field and who may wish to progress to doctoral study at Queen Mary (or elsewhere). Students build...


Applied Economics MSc

Study Details:

MSc 1 year full-time

Institution: Bath, University of
Applied Economics Logo

Gain a strong grounding in advanced economics. Take your knowledge a step further by applying it to the field that most interests you. Our MSc Applied Economics and MSc Applied Economics with Banking and Financial Markets provide rigorous training in all the main aspects of economics. We are...

Finance and Accounting MSc

Study Details:

MSc 1 or 2 years full-time

Institution: Nottingham Trent University
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A fundamental requirement of any successful organisation is to be able to manage its accounting and financial activities efficiently and effectively. This requirement has become more obvious in recent times as organisations have faced turbulent economic conditions, lending difficulties, risk...

Global Finance MSc

Study Details:

MSc 1 year full-time; 2 years part-time (UK/EU only)

Institution: Coventry University
Global Finance Logo

This master’s course aims to provide you with a comprehensive programme of global finance, providing you with the knowledge and professional skills to develop a career in investment banking, portfolio management, corporate finance or risk management. You will also have the opportunity to gain...

International Master of Business Administration – Flexible and distributed learning/Online – 2 years MBA

Study Details:

MBA 2 years Flexible and distributed learning/Online

Institution: Bucks New University
International Master of Business Administration – Flexible and distributed learning/Online – 2 years Logo

Our flagship ‘International MBA’ focusses on preparing tomorrow’s aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders to actively engage with, and navigate, fluid, interconnected and (often) disruptive factors converging and colliding within the global market place. IMBA students will...

Financial Economics MSc

Study Details:

MSc: 12 months full-time

Institution: Glasgow, University of
Financial Economics Logo

This programme focuses on key macroeconomic and microeconomic forces which shape and influence financial markets. These elements are fundamental for financial decision making and draw on the most recent developments in these areas. It is also designed to provide a thorough understanding of the...


Finance and Economics MSc

Study Details:

MSc 10 months full-time only

Institution: London School of Economics and Political Science
Finance and Economics Logo

The MSc Finance and Economics draws on the School’s strengths in economics, finance and econometrics. It is aimed at students who are interested in gaining a deep understanding of the theory and practice of financial markets. This interdisciplinary degree, taught jointly by the Department of...

Financial Mathematics and Computation MSc

Study Details:

MSc; One year full-time

Institution: Leicester, University of
Financial Mathematics and Computation Logo

Quantitative finance is widely recognised as a rapidly expanding market for mathematical and scientific skills. Financial Mathematics is an application of mathematical methods to financial markets and risk management, using advanced computer technology to predict the behaviour of the markets and...

Master of Business Administration – Health and Social Care MBA

Study Details:

MBA 1 Year (Full-time) or 2 years (Part-time)

Institution: Anglia Ruskin University – London Campus
Master of Business Administration – Health and Social Care Logo

The MBA in Health and Social Care provides students with knowledge and understanding of strategic management, as well as practical insight of contemporary issues in Health and Social Care Organisations. The complexity of modern healthcare and social care, arising from constant innovation, has been...

Part-time MBA – Malaysia

Study Details:

2 years part-time

Institution: Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University
Part-time MBA – Malaysia Logo

Situated in the modern city of Putrajaya, 25km south of Kuala Lumpur, this state-of-the-art lakeside campus is one of the most advanced in Asia. Our part-time Malaysia MBA is studied over two years. Our contemporary Heriot-Watt University campus provides students the opportunity to study in...

Strategic Accounting MSc

Study Details:

MSc 1 year full-time

Institution: Swansea University
Strategic Accounting Logo

Do you have a head for figures and your heart set on a career in accounting with a high salary? It’s a sought-after profession, but 21st century businesses don’t just want ‘number crunchers’, they want accountants with a strategic edge to increase value and growth. Our MSc Strategic...


Masters of Research

Study Details:

1 year full-time, 2 years part-time

Institution: Glasgow Caledonian University
Masters of Research Logo

The MRes, which meets ESRC guidelines, combines broadly-based and subject specific training in research methodologies and transferable research skills. Designed for those seeking to enhance their research knowledge and skills, it is delivered by experienced researchers from across the...

Regulation and Compliance MA

Study Details:

MA 1 year full-time, 4 years part-time various campuses and distance learning

Institution: Queen Mary University of London – School of Law
Regulation and Compliance Logo

This MA teaches you the fundamentals of the regulatory framework and provides a more focused approach to compliance in various markets. You will investigate compliance issues in the UK, EU, and global markets. Gain the skills that will help you succeed in a regulation and compliance...

Entrepreneurship MSc

Study Details:

MSc 1 year, full-time

Institution: Leicester, University of
Entrepreneurship Logo

Innovation is the driving force behind any business activity and managing it appropriately is crucial for success.  In our MSc in Entrepreneurship you will learn the main theories, models, frameworks and techniques of entrepreneurship including tools from strategy, marketing and business plans. ...

Business Administration MBA

Study Details:

MBA 1 Year full-time

Institution: Swansea University
Business Administration Logo

Do you want to make an impact on society? Join us on our new MBA: a different programme for a different approach to management A concern for human values as well as shareholder value is at the heart of the Swansea University MBA. The course is designed to equip learners with global skills for...

Football Industries MBA

Study Details:

12 months full-time, 24 months part-time

Institution: Liverpool, University of
Football Industries Logo

The MBA Football Industries (FIMBA) programme is the original, and still the only, Football industries MBA. As an MBA programme, it has the real business focus that management positions in modern sport demand. Focusing on the professionalism and business of the beautiful game, if you want to work...


International Finance MSc

Study Details:

1 year full-time

Institution: Edinburgh Napier University
International Finance Logo

Designed for students from a wide variety of non-financial disciplines and employment backgrounds, this course combines mathematical and communication skills to offer you a rounded approach to the world of international finance. MSc International Finance will enhance your employability and open the...

Financial Engineering MSc

Study Details:

1 year full time

Institution: York, University of
Financial Engineering Logo

Take advantage of expertise from two leading departments as you combine applied and computational mathematics with econometrics and quantitative finance. We’ll train you in core skills for financial engineering and you’ll learn to use the key mathematical models that are fundamental...

International Accounting and Banking MSc

Study Details:

MSc 1 year full-time, 2 years part-time

Institution: Essex, University of
International Accounting and Banking Logo

This course equips you with in-depth financial knowledge and the practical skills needed for a rewarding career in accounting or banking in multinational organisations.  Our MSc International Accounting and Banking is a unique degree amongst UK universities, giving you a competitive edge by...

International Accounting and Finance MSc

Study Details:

MSc 1 year full-time

Institution: Swansea University
International Accounting and Finance Logo

Do you have a head for figures and your heart set on a career in accounting? It’s a sought-after profession, with high job security, good rates of pay and lots of interesting roles to choose from within a variety of sectors. The MSc International Accounting and Finance course at Swansea...

Banking Online Learning MBA

Study Details:

21-33 months

Institution: Edinburgh Napier University
Banking Online Learning Logo

Enhance your business management skills with a focus on banking and gain the expertise to take on senior roles This globally-recognised qualification will develop your business skills and give you the expertise you need to take on senior roles in any organisation. It’s a flexible course...