Cities and Cultures MA

Study Details:

MA 1 year Full-time / 2 years Part-time

Institution: Queen Mary University of London
Cities and Cultures Logo

Our Cities and Cultures MA programme combines the study of cultural geography with a specific focus on urban cultures, both past and present. It draws upon the latest developments in cultural geography and urban studies to provide advanced and critical understandings of how cities are socially...

Cancer and Molecular and Cellular Biology – Distance Learning PG Dip

Study Details:

PGDip 9 months Distance learning 2 years Part time Distance Learning

Institution: Queen Mary University of London
Cancer and Molecular and Cellular Biology – Distance Learning Logo

This distance learning programme aims to provide students with a clear understanding of the molecular and cellular biology fundamental to cancer biology and cancer research. Online, students will learn how research in this area has advanced the treatment and diagnoses of cancer, and gain knowledge...

Genomic Medicine – Distance Learning MSc

Study Details:

MSc 2 years Part time Distance Learning

Institution: Queen Mary University of London
Genomic Medicine – Distance Learning Logo

Queen Mary University of London in collaboration with University College London, Public Health England, and Great Ormond Street Hospital This is a flexible MSc course designed to provide healthcare professionals with a multi-disciplinary perspective on genomics and its application in medicine. You...

Marine Sciences ResM

Study Details:

MRes: 12-18 months full time, 24-36 months part time

Institution: Plymouth, University of
Marine Sciences Logo

This research masters programme will give you the opportunity to conduct research alongside staff at the forefront of their academic disciplines across the marine sciences. You will be supported within an active interdisciplinary learning environment, working on a research topic in collaboration...

Molecular Biosciences (Microbiology) MSc

Study Details:

MSc 1 year full-time

Institution: Bath, University of
Molecular Biosciences (Microbiology) Logo

Learn about the application of contemporary microbiology in health, food biosecurity and environmental sustainability to help address the world’s biggest challenges. Biosciences research has a huge impact on helping people live longer and healthier lives. With the World Economic Forum identifying...


Cell Biology MRes

Study Details:

MRes 1 year full-time, 2 years part-time

Institution: Nottingham Trent University
Cell Biology Logo

Explore the molecular biology of prokaryotes and eukaryotes and looks at how genomes are mutated, analysed and manipulated in the detection, study and therapy of disease. The course includes optional modules for you to select depending upon your aspirations and interests. This Cell Biology...

Cyber Security MSc

Study Details:

MSc 1 year full-time

Institution: Bucks New University
Cyber Security Logo

The MSc Cyber Security programme aims to develop the technical and managerial skills and knowledge for aspiring cyber security professionals wishing to specialise in industrial, governmental, educational and organisational disciplines. It is also designed for IT business specialists and managers...

Podiatric Medicine MSc

Study Details:

MSc Full time, Part time

Institution: East London, University of
Podiatric Medicine Logo

The Masters programme provides the opportunity to advance clinical practice by developing critical evaluation skills and enhancing an evidence-based approach to practice. This can be undertaken whilst focusing on the aspects of podiatry most relevant to the individual practitioner so that they can...

Sustainable Energy MSc

Study Details:

MSc: 12 months full-time

Institution: Glasgow, University of
Sustainable Energy Logo

The Masters in Sustainable Energy is an interdisciplinary programme that will equip you for employment within the international energy sector. This programme addresses all the key aspects of sustainable energy, from the most advanced technologies through to ethical and economic considerations.

Urbanisation and Development MSc

Study Details:

MSc 12 months full-time, 24 months part-time

Institution: London School of Economics and Political Science
Urbanisation and Development Logo

The MSc Urbanisation and Development reviews urbanism from colonial to contemporary periods, emphasising demographic, social, economic, cultural and political processes. At a time when three-quarters of the world’s urban population, and over 90 per cent of future urban population growth, will...


Transport Economics MSc

Study Details:

MSc 12 months full time, 24 months part time

Institution: Leeds, University of
Transport Economics Logo

If you are an ambitious numerate graduate, or a practitioner in the field, this Masters degree will equip you with the analytical skills for a rewarding career supporting transport delivery and policy-making at national, regional and local levels. You will develop a range of economic skills to help...

Biomedical Sciences (Clinical Biochemistry) MSc

Study Details:

MSc 1 year full-time, 2-5 years part-time

Institution: Westminster, University of
Biomedical Sciences (Clinical Biochemistry) Logo

This course aims to provide you with the skills and knowledge of theory and practice that will enable you to work as a professional capable of making important contributions in the field of clinical biochemistry. The course aims to further enhance your knowledge of clinical biochemistry, to engage...

Membrane Technology MSc by Research

Study Details:

MSc by Research 1 year full time; 2 years part time

Institution: Swansea University
Membrane Technology Logo

Pressure is increasing on our limited water resources. With more people requiring clean water, effective solutions need to come from reusing water in the most efficient way. The MSc by Research in Membrane Technology has a wide range of subject choices including: Modelling membrane...

Marine Conservation MSc

Study Details:

MSc 1 year Full-time

Institution: Plymouth, University of
Marine Conservation Logo

The impact of human activity on our marine ecosystems has become more evident and high profile in recent years, such as from overfishing, habitat destruction, pollution, coastal development, plastics and climate change. So what do we do about it – how can we preserve and recover marine habitats...

Molecular Bioscience MSc

Study Details:

MSc 1 year full-time, up to 3 years part-time

Institution: Northampton, University of
Molecular Bioscience Logo

With specific pathways in Genetics and Genomics or Molecular Medicine. The Molecular Bioscience MSc has two distinct and separate pathways of study allowing you to focus on Molecular Medicine or Genetics and Genomics. You can elect to take study topics in your chosen area of interest and it allows...


Building and Urban Design in Development MSc

Study Details:

MSc Full-time: 1 year Part-time: 2 years Flexible: 2-5 years

Institution: University College London – The Bartlett
Building and Urban Design in Development Logo

The production, reproduction and transformation of urban space via socially, economically, and environmentally just methods presents a complex challenge for professionals. This MSc combines cultural, social, economic, political and spatial analysis to recalibrate the urban design project,...

Transport and City Planning MSc PG Dip

Study Details:

MSc Full-time: 1 year Flexible: up to 5 years Options: PG Dip

Institution: University College London – The Bartlett
Transport and City Planning Logo

This MSc brings a cross-disciplinary focus to transport and urban planning which is unique, aiming to critically examine the current challenges of transitioning to sustainable travel behaviours and sustainable cities in the UK and internationally. The programme draws on the latest thinking and...

City Planning MSc

Study Details:

12 months full-time; 24 months part‑time : up to 60 months on modular basis

Institution: Glasgow, University of
City Planning Logo

Climate change and rapid urbanisation ensures a high demand for professional planners. The Master’s in City Planning at the University of Glasgow will help you develop your critical understanding of cities and the positive impact that evidence-based and innovative decision-making can have on...

Genomic Medicine MSc PG Dip PG Cert

Study Details:

One year full-time, two years part-time. You can also choose to study single modules. If you work in the NHS, our modules are available with or without assessment, fully funded by Health Education England as part of your workforce development (subject to available commissions). Visit our website for more details.

Institution: St George’s University of London
Genomic Medicine Logo

This course follows a curriculum designed by Health Education England and is suitable for healthcare professionals and other students with an interest in genomic medicine. As the programme is jointly taught by St George’s and King’s, students will benefit from the breadth of expertise provided...

Energy and Environmental Design PG Cert

Study Details:

PGCert 1 year part-time

Institution: Westminster, University of
Energy and Environmental Design Logo

The global environmental and energy challenge facing current and future generations of architects and building professionals calls for a deeper understanding of the principles of environmental design, and their effective application into architectural practice worldwide. Over the last decades...


Applied Criminology & Forensic Psychology Full-time MSc

Study Details:

1 year full-time

Institution: Edinburgh Napier University
Applied Criminology & Forensic Psychology Full-time Logo

Develop a deep insight into crime and what causes criminal behaviour by studying this uniquely practical and applied course Studying applied criminology and forensic psychology at postgraduate level will allow you to develop a range of enquiring, analytical and practical skills benefitting you as...

Water and Environmental Management MSc

Study Details:

MSc 1 year or 15 months full-time 2 years part-time

Institution: Hertfordshire, University of
Water and Environmental Management Logo

Environmental water management is of increasing importance to all types of organisations in the UK and throughout the world. There is a growing need for qualified and trained environmental water managers. The MSc Water and Environmental Management course focuses on sound water management and the...

Applied Sciences MRes

Study Details:

MRes One year full-time; two years part-time

Institution: University of the West of England
Applied Sciences Logo

oin our world-class research community in applied sciences and develop specialist knowledge and research experience in your area of interest. Conduct research in your workplace or on innovative collaborations with our organisational partners. Why MRes Applied Sciences? Whether it’s developing...

Biomedical Science (Clinical Biochemistry) MSc PGDip

Study Details:

MSc/PGDip: 1 year full-time, 2 years part-time

Institution: Swansea University
Biomedical Science (Clinical Biochemistry) Logo

Biomedical Science is the integrative scientific study of biological issues related to the support of the diagnosis and treatment of various conditions that affect peoples’ quality of life and it is a well-recognised, evidence inform and valued profession that encompasses a holistic and...

Architecture MA

Study Details:

MA 1 year full-time

Institution: University for the Creative Arts
Architecture Logo

Our MA Architecture course enables you to develop an individual approach to spatial design within a stimulating, creative and supportive environment. Our MA Architecture course is a research-focused programme that advances your knowledge of built and occupied space. For us, architecture is not only...