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Tourism, Environment and Development Logo

Tourism, Environment and Development MA MSc

Study Details: MA/MSc One year FT, two years PT

Study the complex relationships between tourism, the environment and development. Explore the advantages and disadvantages of tourism as a form of development and examine its environmental impact. Develop your own particular interests in tourism by choosing from a wide range of systematic and...

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Environment, Politics and Globalisation Logo

Environment, Politics and Globalisation MA MSc

Study Details: MA/MSc One year FT, two years PT

The Environment, Politics and Globalisation MA/MSc is an interdisciplinary course offering a unique combination of theoretical and relevant policy subjects to give you in-depth knowledge and critical awareness of the politics and geographies shaping environments, both now and in the past. You will...

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Environment and Development Logo

Environment and Development MA MSc

Study Details: MA/MSc One year FT, two years PT

The Environment and Development MA/MSc course is designed to provide you with an advanced theoretical understanding of the relationship between development problems and environmental issues, grounded in differing regional contexts across the global South.   This study pathway provides...

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Water: Science and Governance Logo

Water: Science and Governance MSc

Study Details: MSc One year FT, two years PT

Our Water: Science & Governance MSc combines pure and applied research methods from the social and environmental sciences, allowing you to gain an advanced understanding of the many contemporary, and often controversial, perspectives on water resource allocation and management. You will learn...

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Biotechnology Logo

Biotechnology MPhil

Study Details: 11 months FT

The MPhil in Biotechnology is a newly launched (2018) programme at the University of Cambridge, for which world-leading academics and industry champions are coming together to deliver an in-depth multidisciplinary curriculum. The programme has its emphasis on bringing in analytical skills from an...

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Medical Microbiology Logo

Medical Microbiology MSc

Study Details: MSc one year full-time or split-study over two years

Overview This programme provides comprehensive knowledge and practical training in the spread of microorganisms (predominantly bacterial and viral pathogens), disease causation and diagnosis and treatment of pathogens significant to public health. The programme content reflects the increasing...

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Veterinary Epidemiology Logo

Veterinary Epidemiology MSc

Study Details: MSc one year full-time or two years by split-study.

Overview In a world where global transport links allow rapid movement of people and animals, disease can spread more quickly than before and is harder to control than ever. In such a world there is a growing need for trained veterinary epidemiologists at the front line of disease surveillance and...

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Bio-process Engineering Logo

Bio-process Engineering MSc by Research

Study Details: MSc by Research 1 year full-time, 2 years part-time

From authoring definitive text books on chemical engineering to finding solutions to the world’s water shortages, Swansea University has a proud tradition delivering pioneering innovative process engineering solutions Key Features Our research builds on established process engineering areas...

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Applied Analytical Science (LCMS) Logo

Applied Analytical Science (LCMS) MRes

Study Details: MRes 1 year full-time, 2 years part-time

World demand for mass spectrometry (MS) and chromatography has grown at an unprecedented rate, with qualified graduates in short supply and highly sought-after. Postgraduate (PG) training is essential as undergraduates are not taught to the required depth. Swansea is the only UK institution to...

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Environmental Science by Research Logo

Environmental Science by Research MSc

Study Details: MSc 1 year Full-time / 2 years Part-time

Both natural environments and those heavily influenced and altered by human activities are ever-changing. This programme will allow you to explore the unique specialisms within our physical geography and environmental science research team, and to work closely on a specialist topic with an expert...

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