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Psychology of Economic Life Logo

Psychology of Economic Life MSc

Study Details: 12 months full-time only

The MSc Psychology of Economic Life teaches you to understand and shape economic behaviour – beyond homo economicus (economic man). The programme’s content is organised along two themes: understanding economic behaviour and shaping economic behaviour. Firstly, understanding economic...

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Quantitative Methods for Risk Management Logo

Quantitative Methods for Risk Management MSc

Study Details: MSc 10 months full-time 22 months part-time

The MSc Quantitative Methods for Risk Management – formerly known as MSc Risk and Stochastics – offers in-depth instruction in probabilistic, statistical, and computational methods to quantify risk arising from, but not limited to, economic, financial, and insurance applications. This...

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Coaching Logo

Coaching PgCert

Study Details: 6 months

Whether you’re an experienced coach, or this is a new area for you, this flexible course will support you in developing your practice. By the end of the course you’ll understand what motivates people, and be able to help them enhance their performance, wellbeing, and leadership...

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Occupational Psychology Logo

Occupational Psychology MSc

Study Details: MSc 1 year full-time

Training as an Occupational Psychologist in the Institute of Management Studies will equip you with the scientific knowledge and practical skills to challenge the status quo and offer innovative solutions to workplace problems. Occupational Psychology, both as a professional and academic field,...

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Marketing & Technology Logo

Marketing & Technology MSc

Study Details: 1 year full-time

The MSc Marketing & Technology aims to transform students into uniquely-trained individuals possessing the knowledge and skills required to be successful marketers in dynamic and technology-driven industries. Companies such as Netflix, Airbnb, and Tesla have one thing in common: they break with...

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Management of Innovation Logo

Management of Innovation MSc

Study Details: 1 year full-time

This MSc will equip you with the fundamental knowledge and skills required for managing innovative product and brand or policy development, service delivery, or integration of emerging technologies in fast-paced industries. The management of innovation is the critical element ensuring successful...

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