Computing Part-time MSc

Study Details:

2 years part-time

Institution: Edinburgh Napier University
Computing Part-time Logo

Choose from a wide variety of optional modules to design a course that best suits your needs and career direction By taking a Masters degree in Computing you will be able to build on your undergraduate computing studies or work experience in the areas of your particular interest. As well as...

Transport Planning and Engineering MSc

Study Details:

MSc (Eng) 12 months full time, 24 months part time

Institution: Leeds, University of
Transport Planning and Engineering Logo

If you’re an ambitious engineering graduate – from a civil, mechanical, computing or electronic engineering background – this course is a smart route to a career in the expanding field of transport consultancy and public policy. This Masters degree will teach you engineering techniques to...


Medical Engineering MSc

Study Details:

MSc: 12 months full time

Institution: Leeds, University of
Medical Engineering Logo

Medical engineering combines the design and problem-solving skills of engineering with medical and biological sciences to contribute to medical device solutions and interventions for a range of diseases and trauma. This exciting and challenging course will give you a broad knowledge base in this...

MSc by Research Engineering

Study Details:

1 year full-time, 2 years part-time

Institution: Lincoln, University of
MSc by Research Engineering Logo

As a researcher in the School of Engineering, you can benefit from the expertise of our academics and award-winning industry links. Research opportunities are available in a variety of areas relevant to today’s engineering industry. The School of Engineering is a Centre of Industrial Research and...

Postgraduate Engineering Degree Apprenticeship (Engineering Competence) – Distance learning PGDip

Study Details:

PGDip 30 months part-time distance learning

Institution: Portsmouth, University of
Postgraduate Engineering Degree Apprenticeship (Engineering Competence) – Distance learning Logo

Do you want to study for a career-boosting Postgraduate qualification while you earn a salary? On this postgraduate engineer degree apprenticeship course, which lasts just over 2 years, you’ll learn core skills in areas such as project management, team management and analytics. After...

Engineering Leadership and Management MSc

Study Details:

MSc 1 year full-time

Institution: Swansea University
Engineering Leadership and Management Logo

Engineers and technical graduates have the potential to reach the pinnacle of management and leadership. Through external consultation with business and industry, this MSc in Engineering Leadership and Management has been designed to equip you with the vital graduate skills needed to succeed in an...

Autonomous Systems MSc

Study Details:

MSc 1 year full-time, part-time route available

Institution: Plymouth, University of
Autonomous Systems Logo

Autonomous systems will increasingly be adopted into every aspect of our daily lives. The future of autonomy, in the transport sector alone, is projected to grow tenfold to over US$550 billion by 2026. Plymouth is fast becoming a global centre for excellence in marine and robotic autonomy systems...


Sensors, Data and Management MSc

Study Details:

2 years – one year study, one year placement

Institution: Liverpool John Moores University
Sensors, Data and Management Logo

The MSc (sandwich) Sensors, Data and Management is an innovative programme designed to be an interface between the University and Industry. Follow this application-led curriculum, designed in line with advice from industrial partners, which emphasises an understanding of the concepts and theories...

Robotics & AI  MSc

Study Details:

MSc: 12 months full-time

Institution: Glasgow, University of
Robotics & AI  Logo

The Masters in Robotics & Artificial Intelligence introduces you to the main technologies underlying the development of robotic and intelligent systems that sense and interact with their physical environment. This programme is designed to provide you with a strong foundation through the core...

Women, Violence and Conflict PG Dip

Study Details:
Full-time (1 year)
Part-time (2 years)
Institution: York, University of
Women, Violence and Conflict Logo

Violence and conflict are always gendered processes. Shining a critical light on gender helps us to understand violence and conflict better. This Postgraduate Diploma is ideal for students looking to broaden their theoretical perspective on the area of women, violence and conflict by applying...

Heritage and Exhibition Design Full-time MFA

Study Details:

2 years full-time

Institution: Edinburgh Napier University
Heritage and Exhibition Design Full-time Logo

Explore the development of public spaces, civic amenities and heritage sites through applied principles of exhibition and display. The MFA Heritage and Exhibition Design will develop your understanding of core aspects of heritage, exhibition, and museum design, as well as site-specific...

Engineering (Automotive) (Far STEM) MSc

Study Details:

MSc 2 years full-time, 4 years part-time

Institution: Hertfordshire, University of
Engineering (Automotive) (Far STEM) Logo

The aim of the programme is to equip non-engineering graduates with a STEM background to meet the stringent demands of today’s highly competitive industrial environment. On completion of these courses students acquire a broad understanding of Engineering with a focus on aerospace engineering. The...


Mechanical Engineering (18-month route) MSc

Study Details:

MSc 18 months full-time

Institution: Hertfordshire, University of
Mechanical Engineering (18-month route) Logo

This programme has been developed to meet the growing need for postgraduate skills within the engineering industry, and the demand for professional development for graduate engineers. The programme integrates the mechanical engineering subjects with key generic skills in management and research...

Biotechnology MPhil

Study Details:

11 months FT

Institution: Cambridge, University of
Biotechnology Logo

The MPhil in Biotechnology is a newly launched (2018) programme at the University of Cambridge, for which world-leading academics and industry champions are coming together to deliver an in-depth multidisciplinary curriculum. The programme has its emphasis on bringing in analytical skills from an...

Computer Aided Engineering MSc

Study Details:

MSc 1 year Full time

Institution: Queen Mary University of London
Computer Aided Engineering Logo

Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) is one of the strongest growing fields within engineering and underpins design and in all engineering disciplines. Virtual prototyping, based on the numerical analysis of structures, fluids, acoustics and many other disciplines, has become absolutely central to the...

Software Engineering MSc

Study Details:

MSc 1 year Full time 2 years Part time

Institution: Queen Mary University of London
Software Engineering Logo

Whether it’s the computers in our offices, the smartphones in our pockets, the electrics in our cars or the technology that enables us to monitor patients in critical care, software is at the heart of our society. This MSc programme focuses on advanced theoretical and practical techniques...

Data Science – 2 years including placement year MSc

Study Details:

MSc 2 full-time years including placement year

Institution: Bath, University of
Data Science – 2 years including placement year Logo

Develop specialist knowledge in machine learning, statistics and software technology for a solid grounding in the theory and practice of data science. Data science drives a significant proportion of global economic activity from healthcare to finance and technology. It’s influencing...


Digital and Social Media Marketing MSc

Study Details:

MSc 1 year – Full-time

Institution: Plymouth, University of
Digital and Social Media Marketing Logo

With companies spending more of their budgets than ever before on digital marketing, and brands like Google, Amazon and Facebook continuing to grow their user base, digital and social-media marketing is changing the rules of competition, giving customers ways to directly influence modern...

Structural Engineering with Management MSc

Study Details:

MA 1 year full-time, 2 years part-time

Institution: Nottingham Trent University
Structural Engineering with Management Logo

Focused on enhancing the technical and management skills required of professionals in civil engineering and construction-related industries, this course explores the sustainability, management and environmental impact of structural engineering and the applied technical themes within the...

Graphic Design MA

Study Details:

MSc 1 year full-time 2 years part-time

Institution: Coventry University
Graphic Design Logo

Developed in partnership with commercial directors, designers, photographers and typographers, our course is aimed at those who want to enhance their existing professional portfolio and expand their understanding of current and emerging trends in graphic design practice. Learning by doing, you will...

Bioscience MSc

Study Details:

MSc Full time, Part time

Institution: East London, University of
Bioscience Logo

Biotechnology is the practical application of molecular biology in human and animal health, agriculture, the environment and biochemical manufacturing. This programme equips you with knowledge of both the practical and theoretical aspects of specialist areas of biotechnology. In addition, you will...

Chemical Research MSc

Study Details:

MSc 12 months full-time, 24 months part-time

Institution: Reading, University of
Chemical Research Logo

Our MSc Chemical Research programme prepares you for a career in research and development or for a PhD, as you gain specialist and theoretical knowledge in your chosen area of chemistry. As a graduate from chemistry or a related discipline, you can use this research degree to train in practical and...


Product Design Engineering MSc

Study Details:

MSc: 12 months full-time

Institution: Glasgow, University of
Product Design Engineering Logo

The Masters in Product Design Engineering, taught in collaboration with the School of Design, Glasgow School of Art will develop your ability to design products with significant engineering content, address user needs, and optimise solutions for specific markets.

Environmental Sustainability MSc

Study Details:

1 year full-time

Institution: Edinburgh Napier University
Environmental Sustainability Logo

Are you concerned about the environment and sustainability issues and are seeking job opportunities in this area? Creating a sustainable world that provides a safe, secure, and healthy life for all peoples is a priority for the global community. Building and maintaining infrastructure nowadays...

Environmental Engineering and Project Management MSc

Study Details:

12 months full-time

Institution: Leeds, University of
Environmental Engineering and Project Management Logo

This Masters degree provides consultants, operators, regulators and managers with the professional skills and training to contribute to the provision of environmentally sound and economically sustainable systems in the fields of clean water supply, wastewater treatment, and the management of solid...

Construction Project Management MSc

Study Details:

MSc 1 year full-time, 2 years part-time

Institution: Westminster, University of
Construction Project Management Logo

Despite turbulence in the global economy, the construction industry continues to grow with revenue expected to reach US$15 trillion by 2025. Specialist project managers are in high demand to help negotiate projects through the inevitable hurdles that can arise due to a host of issues ranging from...

Aerospace Engineering MSc

Study Details:

MSc 1 year full-time, 2 or 3 years part-time

Institution: Swansea University
Aerospace Engineering Logo

The MSc in Aerospace Engineering provides a rigorous and systematic understanding of the field, equipping you with the critical awareness and insight required to become a credible aerospace engineer. You will be prepared in the theory and operation of aeronautical vehicles, from propeller-driven...