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Charity Management MA PG Dip PG Cert

Study Details:

MA/PGDip/PGCert 1 year full-time

Institution: St Mary’s University Twickenham
Charity Management Logo

This course develops your management potential ready for the competitive challenges ahead of the Third Sector and includes a certificate awarded by the Chartered Management Institute. Why study Charity Management? Charities and voluntary services are often berated by the media for poor management...

Digital Media Management MA

Study Details:

MA 1 year full-time, 2 years part-time

Institution: Birkbeck, University of London
Digital Media Management Logo

How can designers, managers, entrepreneurs and scholars keep pace with the rapidly changing field of digital media and web design? Is it possible to learn skills, approaches and methods that facilitate both current production and the anticipation of future developments in digital media? The MA...

Human Resource Management MSc

Study Details:

1 year full-time (MSc)

Institution: Portsmouth, University of
Human Resource Management Logo

Are you looking to start a career in HR in this exciting, challenging and influential area of business? If so, our MSc Human Resource Management (HRM) Master’s degree prepares graduates from any background for success in Human Resource Management, anywhere in the world. You’ll develop...


Biotechnology and Management MSc PGDip

Study Details:

MSc: 12 months full-time PgDip: 9 months full-time

Institution: Glasgow, University of
Biotechnology and Management Logo

Bridging the gap between biology, technology and business management, our programme is taught in collaboration with the Adam Smith Business School. The aim of this programme is help you gain sound understanding of the nature of business based on bioscience knowledge, research and industry and how...

Management (Enterprise and Innovation) MSc

Study Details:

MSc 1 Year full-time, 2 years part-time

Institution: Swansea University
Management (Enterprise and Innovation) Logo

Have you always wanted to start your own business? Does working for yourself and setting your own agenda and goals appeal to you? If you have the entrepreneurial drive, commitment and determination, you can work from anywhere in the world and the sky is the limit.  The MSc Management (Enterprise...

Management MRes

Study Details:

12 months full-time, 24 months part-time

Institution: Liverpool, University of
Management Logo

Our Masters in Research Methods (MRes) is designed to develop high calibre research students versed in building theory and all aspects of investigating business and management practice. Being a ESRC-recognised degree, the course introduces the students to a broad range of orthodox approaches in...

Business and Management (Business Analytics) Online PG Cert

Study Details:

PGCert 8 months online

Institution: Essex Online, University of
Business and Management (Business Analytics) Online Logo

Data is an important part of business operations. This short course will provide you with an insight into key methods managers use to analyse data to make informed decisions that help to ensure their business remains competitive. This course will give you the knowledge that can be applied across...

International Hospitality Management MSc

Study Details:

MSc 1 year full-time

Institution: Essex, University of
International Hospitality Management Logo

In one of the world’s most global industries employers are looking for creativity, confidence and passion from the next generation of hospitality leaders. It takes more than knowledge to succeed – it takes experience, strategy and understanding. Edge Hotel School is the first hotel school of...


Master of Business Management MBM

Study Details:

MBM 1 year full-time

Institution: Essex, University of
Master of Business Management Logo

Do you want a fast-paced career in management? Are you looking for a business Masters to develop your operational management skills and strategic knowledge? During periods of economic uncertainty, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, businesses require managers who are agile, collaborative and...

Engineering Management – Online MSc

Study Details:

MSc 100% online – Part time – 2-year duration

Institution: Hull Online, University of
Engineering Management – Online Logo

Your future starts here Gain the commercial awareness and management tools needed to lead your organisation to success with the University of Hull Online’s MSc in Engineering Management. With support from your Hull Online tutors, you’ll enhance your ability to identify best practices for your...

Human Resource Management PGDip

Study Details:

PGDip 2 years part-time

Institution: Hertfordshire, University of
Human Resource Management Logo

If you want to develop a career in the broad field of HRM (human resource management, employment relations, training & development, performance management, reward management, recruitment, selection, and consultancy, then this course is for you. As well as receiving an academic qualification...

Business with Financial Management MSc PG Dip PG Cert

Study Details:

Full-time, part-time and online options available
September and January start dates available

Institution: Robert Gordon University
Business with Financial Management Logo

The Business with Financial Management course at Robert Gordon University is targeted at aspiring and current managers who want to develop their managerial competences with an enhanced understanding of finance theory and corporate financial management. You will develop a range of strategic and...

Sports Directorship MSc

Study Details:

MSc 2 years part-time

Institution: Global Institute of Sport (GIS)
Sports Directorship Logo

This elite executive Master’s programme is designed to equip sports professionals and leaders with the skills to develop a successful vision and deliver for the long-term success of sports organisations via the prominent role of Sporting Director. Covering sports leadership, personal development,...


Brand Management MA

Study Details:

MA 1 year full-time 2 years part-time Up to 2 years full-time (with professional experience)

Institution: Coventry University
Brand Management Logo

In modern business, a powerful and well-managed brand is key to standing out in a crowded marketplace, with many of the world’s most successful companies also boasting successful brands. Upon successful completion, this contemporary course will help to put you on the radar of potential employers,...

Innovation, Leadership And Management MSc

Study Details:

MSc Two years, part-time

Institution: York, University of
Innovation, Leadership And Management Logo

Develop your skills and become an innovative leader

Healthcare Management MSc

Study Details:

MSc 21-33 months

Institution: Edinburgh Napier University
Healthcare Management Logo

This innovative course is designed for graduates who have, or aspire to, a management role in health and social care.

International Management MSc

Study Details:

MSc Part Time: 2 years, Full Time: 1 year (September start) or 16 months (January start).

Institution: Teesside University
International Management Logo

If you want to build your knowledge and experience of international business and strategic management for your career as a future business manager, then this international management course is for you. You focus on international aspects of business, gaining contemporary knowledge and insights into...

Senior People Professional Apprenticeship (Human Resource Management) MA

Study Details:

MA Part Time: 3 years

Institution: Teesside University
Senior People Professional Apprenticeship (Human Resource Management) Logo

This senior-level apprenticeship is aimed human resources professionals and managers. By completing this qualification, you gain a Master of Human Resource Management and become a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. Become the in-house expert in human resource...

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Control and Instrumentation MSc

Study Details:

MSc Full-time: 12-18 months, Part-time: 2-3 years

Institution: Derby, University of
Control and Instrumentation Logo

There is a growing demand for professionals who can harness latest technology to design and produce novel measurement and control systems. Choose a highly regarded masters course accredited by the Institute of Measurement and Control Take your first steps towards Chartered Engineer status: this...

Marketing and Management for Luxury Tourism MSc

Study Details:

Short duration – 9 months

Institution: Les Roches Global Hospitality Education
Marketing and Management for Luxury Tourism Logo

Specialize in marketing management for luxury tourism. This program will introduce you to new marketing tools and innovative trends and technologies using a combination of practical and field-work learning. It will equip you with the knowledge, skills and abilities to devise and lead successful...

International Business Management MSc PG Dip PG Cert

Study Details:

MSc/PGDip/PGCert 1 year full-time

Institution: St Mary’s University Twickenham
International Business Management Logo

Take your management ambitions to global heights with our postgraduate course that’s tailored to graduates with or without a first degree in business and includes an award from the Chartered Management Institute. Students who successfully pass all mapped modules are eligible to be awarded...

Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship MSc

Study Details:

MSc 1 year full-time, 2 years part-time

Institution: Portsmouth, University of
Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship Logo

Are you a creative thinker with boundless enthusiasm for new ideas, who wants a career where no two days are the same? On our MSc Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship degree course, you’ll develop the skills needed to spot opportunities; to visualise, develop and take new ideas to...

Live Music Management MA

Study Details:

MA 1 year full-time, 2 years part-time

Institution: Westminster, University of
Live Music Management Logo

Live Music is at the centre of Music as an industry and cultural experience. There is a rich set of global opportunities arising from the significant economic and cultural global growth of Live Music. Central to this are music festivals as economic, social and cultural centres of importance,...