Apply your entrepreneurial spirit

With business start-ups in the UK up 9% in 2016–2017,1 the passion for innovation is as keen as ever. However, it takes a certain skill to bring these big ideas into fruition.

By creating a space to experiment and collaborate with your peers, our Entrepreneurship Management and Innovation online MSc will nurture your skills and confidence, helping you lead new company initiatives or start your own business.

‘There aren’t many MSc business management courses with “entrepreneurship” in the title. It’s all about giving students an entrepreneurial mindset through the core units. And helping them to bring new ideas to fruition.’
— Professor Ammon Salter University of Bath

A key aspect of this MSc involves driving innovation. The course is designed to help you develop a pioneering mindset. Ultimately, this will give you the knowledge and confidence to be an entrepreneur, leading innovative thinking and executing decisions within your organisation.

Whether you already have a business qualification or not, this course will give you the ability to learn and progress without interrupting your current career and lifestyle commitments.

Study Details:

MSc 3 years online

Module Details:

  • Fundamentals of entrepreneurship (10 credits)
  • Customer interface (10 credits)
  • Operations and organisation design (10 credits)
  • Financial models (10 credits)
  • Entrepreneurial strategy (10 credits)
  • Entrepreneurial ideation (10 credits)
  • Entrepreneurial incubation (10 credits)
  • Entrepreneurial acceleration (10 credits)
  • Intellectual property (10 credits)
  • Entrepreneurial finance and funding (10 credits)
  • Entrepreneurship, innovation, and organisations (10 credits)
  • Entrepreneurship, innovation, and society (10 credits)
  • Independent research project (60 credits)

Student Destinations

After successfully completing our entrepreneurship course, you will have the necessary skills to become an innovator and lead innovative initiatives in your current role or to create your own business. You will also be prepared to handle the challenges that come with being a successful entrepreneur.

In addition, this business management course provides a route into many other areas, including accounting and professional services, banking, consultancy, finance, human resources, IT, investment banking, marketing, operations and, of course, general management.

Our campus graduates have a great employment record. Most go on to careers in a range of areas, start their own businesses or begin a PhD.


The tuition fees for our three-year Entrepreneurship Management and Innovation MSc are £833* per 10 credit unit (10% alumni discount). Fees are paid in unit instalments corresponding with the course units. To qualify for an MSc you will require a total of 180 credits.

Entry Requirements

  • Typically you should have a first or second class bachelor’s honours degree or international equivalent
  • If you do not have a first degree in a business-related subject, you will need practical work experience to support your learning

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