Study the complex relationships between tourism, the environment and development. Explore the advantages and disadvantages of tourism as a form of development and examine its environmental impact. Develop your own particular interests in tourism by choosing from a wide range of systematic and regional modules.

  • The programme is a stimulating and enriching experience for students, not only because of its unusual approach to the study of tourism but because it attracts students from different countries, with different academic backgrounds and experience. There are around 20 students on the programme, an ideal size for interactive teaching. Students usually get to know each other well during the year at King’s.
  • Students are encouraged to carry out fieldwork for their dissertations. This normally proves a challenging and an extremely rewarding experience.
  • Students have been successful in gaining relevant employment following the programme.
  • Located in the heart of London.

Study Details:

MA/MSc One year FT, two years PT

Module Details:


Required Modules
  • Dissertation in Tourism, Environment and Development (60 credits)
  • Practising Social Research (20 credits)
  • Tourism and Development (20 credits)
  • Tourism, Conservation and the Environment (20 credits)

MSc students are also required to take:

  • Advanced Quantitative and Spatial Methods in Human Geography (20 credits)
  • Development And Environmentalism In The ‘South’
  • Practising Social Research
  • Tourism And Development
  • Tourism And The Environment
Optional Modules

You are also required to take 20 credits from the following list of prescribed modules:

  • Analysing African Cities: Globalization and Urban Livelihoods (20 credits)
  • Water Resources and Water Policy (20 credits)
  • Development and Environmentalism in the ‘South’ (20 credits)
  • Environment, Livelihoods and Development in the ‘South’ (20 credits)
  • Disasters and Development (20 credits)
  • Community, Vulnerability and Disaster Risk (20 credits) (Prerequisite:  Disasters and Development, either through taking the module fully or through auditing)
  • Climate Change and Culture (20 credits)
  • A Practical and Theoretical Evaluation of Sustainable Development (20 credits)
  • Up to 20 credits from Level 7 modules offered across the university, subject to approvals.
  • Community, Vulnerability And Disaster Risk
  • Disasters And Development
  • Environment, Livelihoods & Development In The South
  • Southern Africa: The Political Ecology of Land and Agriculture
  • Tourism And The Environment
  • Urbanisation In Sub-Saharan Africa: Livelihoods And Patterns Of Growth
  • Water Resources And Water Policy
  • Development And Environmentalism In The ‘South’
  • Climate Change and Culture
  • Practical and Theoretical Evaluation of Sustainable Development

Student Destinations

Students on this programme have gone on to: undertake further postgraduate study as research students; employment in the tourism industry and as Tourism and Development Officers for local councils; journalism; senior managers for various organisations; academic appointments and teaching; Government agencies in North and South.


Full time UK fees: £9,450 p.a. (2017/18); Full time overseas fees: £18,420 p.a. (2017/18); Part time UK fees: £4,725 p.a. (2017/18); Part time overseas fees: £9,210 p.a. (2017/18)

Entry Requirements

Minimum standard is a 2:1 degree or international equivalent, e.g. GPA of 3.3 from a US University. Candidates who do not achieve a 2:1 but have professional or voluntary experience will also be considered. Mature candidates will be considered favourably.

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