How MastersCompare Works

Welcome to MastersCompare, where you can find and compare Masters level courses you are interested in.

MastersCompare is very easy to use, and you can:
- save the comparisons you make
- save details of the individual courses you are interested in

Follow the stops below to get started. The comparison also works if you are on a mobile.

Step 1:
Browse or Search the courses listed on the site: use the main Search Box on the home page or the Browse Menus above to browse by subject or University.

Step 2:
When you see a course you are interested in, click to view more details, and then click the Add to Compare button on the browse page or the listing itself. A Compare box will appear, with the course you have selected in the box. You can put up to 4 courses into the Compare box.

Step 3:
At the bottom of the Compare box, you will see Compare Priorities: select the elements of information that are most important to you when considering which course to choose.

Step 4:
Click Compare Now. You can see the courses you have selected so you can compare key information easily, and access more from the Universities providing the courses. You can save your comparison, and then access it again from your account page. To change courses in the comparison, use the remove option in the Compare box to delete one, and then add a different course. The Compare box remains visible so you can add and delete courses easily at any point as you browse around the site.

Start your search for masters courses here.

One registration, three specialist postgraduate websites
If you are already registered on PostgraduateStudentships, you can log in immediately to MastersCompare using the same username and password - you can then save your comparisons and individual course listings.  If you haven't yet registered on the sites, you can register via MastersCompare too. 

Receive Funding Notifications when you register
You can also look for Masters course funding, scholarships and bursaries on our Masters funding pages on PostgraduateStudentships. When you register, you can sign up to receive regular funding notifications in your subject area.