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Forensic Dentistry MSc

Study Details

MSc: 12 months full-time

Study topics which are frequently the subject of expert testimony in court, and have most relevance internationally.

Forensic dentists are required in all countries to provide dental expertise to courts and legal systems. Dentists wishing to work in this field often find it difficult to gain the necessary skills. This 1 year course addresses those aspects of forensic dentistry which are most frequently the subject of expert testimony in courts and have the most relevance to forensic dentistry internationally.

You will have the opportunity to work in a mortuary, assisting with dental identifications. You will also attend real autopsies with pathologists, which will make you aware of the complexity involved in the examination of a person's body after death.

Module details

FM50005 - Forensic Medicine
FM50007 - Forensic Science
FM50010 - Forensic Odontology
FM50011 - Forensic Odontology Research

Entry Requirements

Prospective applicants must hold a recognised dental degree (BDS or equivalent). At least 2 years post-qualification dental experience is desirable, this is not a strict requirement but those with experience will be considered ahead of newly-qualified

Student Destinations

Acquiring this qualification will be a key step in the development of professional expertise in forensic dentistry.

You will gain:

Skills, knowledge and experience in aspects of forensic dentistry which are most frequently the subject of expert testimony in court.
A deep understanding of the role of other forensic disciplines, resulting in in-depth knowledge of where and how forensic dentistry links with the wider forensic community.
The necessary skills to plan, execute and write-up a research project.

The interdisciplinary aspect of this course, and the focus on the important aspects of forensic dentistry will ensure that you are in a position to contribute to forensic service provision in your region/country.