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Tuition fees per year 2019/20 UK/EU: £8,300 full-time; £4,150 part-time International: £17,700 full-time
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Philosophy MA

Study Details

MA 1 year full-time, 2 years part-time

This degree captures the distinctive approach to philosophy at Exeter, taking an interdisciplinary perspective on some of the biggest questions facing mankind.

Topics covered include:

  • the philosophical, social and ethical dilemmas posed by science and technology;
  • the nature of the human mind and its relationship to culture;
  • how can we better understand the way that societies function.

You will also explore a range of different philosophical methods such as conceptual analysis, phenomenology, naturalism, and historical and sociological approaches, and learn to apply these methods in your own research.

Module details

Compulsory modules

  • PHLM009 Dissertation 60
  • PHLM010 Introduction to Philosophical Methods 30

Optional modules
Plus 90 credits of modules selected from a list of options offered in the Department of Philosophy, Sociology and Anthropology. 
Philosophy PGT modules 2017-8

  • PHLM008 Mind, Body and World 30
  • PHLM010 Introduction to Philosophical Methods 30
  • PHLM006 Contemporary Ethics 30

Anthropology PGT modules 2017-8

  • ANTM100 The Animal Mirror: Representations of Animality 15
  • ANTM101 Animals, Health and Healing 15
  • ANTM102 Anthrozoology: Theory and Method 30
  • ANTM103 Applied Anthrozoology 30
  • ANTM105 Humans and Wildlife: Conflict and Conservation 15
  • ANTM107 Anthrozoology Residential 15
  • ANTM108 Bioacoustics 15
  • ANTM021 Food, Body and Society 15
  • ANTM022 Food, Body and Society 30
  • ANTM104 Family Hominidae and Other Primates 15
  • ANTM106 Representation of Animals Through Religion 15

Sociology PGT modules 2017-8

  • SOCM002A Philosophy of the Social Sciences 1 15
  • SOCM013 Independent Study in Sociology and Philosophy 30
  • SOCM016 Cultures of the Life Sciences 30
  • SOCM019 Research Methods in the Social Sciences 15
  • SOCM020 Research Methods in the Social Sciences 30
  • SOCM945 Philosophy of Science 30
  • SOCM950 Science Technology and Society 30
  • SOCM002B Philosophy of the Social Sciences 30
  • SOCM023 Social Theory 15
  • SOCM024 Cultural Sociology 30
  • SOCM025 Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis 15
  • SOCM026 Using Longitudinal Data in Family Policy Studies 15
  • SOCM027 Social Theory 30
  • SOCM030 Gender at Work 30
  • SOCM028 Policy Analytics: Data Driven Policy Analysis and Evidence Based Decision-making 30
  • SOCM029 Data Visualisation 15

Entry Requirements

Normally a 1st or 2:1 Honours degree (or international equivalent) In Philosophy or a related subject from a recognised university.

Programme Funding

We offer numerous scholarships to encourage exceptional students to apply for Masters programmes at the University of Exeter.

Student Destinations

In addition to the specialist knowledge you will gain during your programme, you will also develop transferrable skills valued by employers such as:

- researching, analysing and assessing sources of information
- written and verbal communication skills
- managing and interpreting information
- developing ideas and arguments