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Software Engineering with Internship MSc

Study Details

MSc 20 months full-time, including 26 weeks internship.

This course aims to equip students for professional careers in this important field of software systems. It provides a practical understanding of the issues relating to the design, analysis and implementation of modern software systems.

With the IT sector expanding rapidly around the world, there has never been a better time to develop specialist software engineering skills. This course will give you an understanding of the latest software engineering technologies used to address today's challenges in software development.

You will become familiar with a broad range of current scholarship work in software engineering, learning how to research and review published work. Your studies will also give you a practical understanding of the issues relating to the design, analysis and implementation of modern software systems, and you will have opportunities to meet speakers from the industry, including potential employers. In short, this course prepares you for a professional career or research in this important field.

The Internship Course seeks to provide the same rigorous and challenging programme of professional practice as the MSc Software Engineering but has the added advantage of including a 6 months internship incorporated into the period of study. This makes it ideal for students seeking to add a practical dimension to their studies and understand the demands of workplace supervision and management. Internship opportunities exist throughout the computing industry within the UK.

Offered within a research based school with some 30 PhD students and a diversity of research groups.

Special resources available to students: laboratories and dedicated ICT suites with access to specialist networks and software.

Module details

This is an indicative listing of modules for the course:

  • Mobile Web Component Development 
  • Distributed Application Development 
  • Advanced Topics in Software Engineering 
  • Research Methods 
  • Employability Skills & Employment 
  • Learning and Professional Development
  • Dissertation 
  • HCI for Information Systems (Optional) 
  • Principles of Project Management (Optional) 
  • Consultancy and Technical Innovation (Optional)
  • Security Management (Optional) 
  • Programming Support (Optional) 
  • Enterprise Architecture (Optional)
  • Knowledge Management (Optional)
  • Data Architecture (Optional)

Entry Requirements

A degree (at least 2:1) in a computing subject or an engineering degree with a significant level of computing.

Applicants with equivalent professional qualifications, or a relevant Higher National Diploma (HND) will be considered, provided they can demonstrate significant, relevant work experience and the ability to benefit fully from the course.

Such applicants will be considered on an individual basis by interview. Some optional modules may not be available to students without a first degree in computing.

Candidates who do not meet the academic requirements may still qualify for entry through relevant work experience. 

Student Destinations

This course aims to help you towards a rewarding position in the software industry, such as software architect, solution architect, project manager or senior software developer.