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Financial Engineering MSc

Study Details

MSc 1 year Full-time

The MSc in Financial Engineering is delivered jointly by the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Economics and Related Studies. It is intended for candidates who want to combine a rigorous study of relevant topics in applied and computational mathematics with econometrics and quantitative finance.

Students graduating with an MSc degree in Financial Engineering will typically find quantitative finance jobs in the City and other financial institutions. Other possibilities include fund management, insurance, the actuarial profession, taxation, and continued study to PhD level.

Entry Requirements

Candidates are expected to have a Class 2.1 (or equivalent) or higher undergraduate degree in finance or economics with sufficient background in mathematical sciences, or in a mathematics-based field with sufficient background in finance and economics. We are looking for a minimum of 2 years (4 semesters or 6 trimesters) of university level courses in mathematics, and a similar amount and level of courses in economics and finance, with good marks. Competence in computing is desirable.

Professional experience in quantitative finance will be an advantage, but not a prerequisite, which can compensate to some extent for limited formal training. International students will also need to demonstrate a good command of English by meeting the criteria under language requirements.
If you are a non-native English speaking applicant you must provide evidence of your English language ability. You need to show enough fluency in all aspects of English (reading, writing, speaking and listening) to the required level of the course you're applying to. For more information, see: