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PGCE in Chemistry PGCE

Study Details

PGCE 1 year Full-time

The programme develops trainees' school experiences in order to explore some of the wider concerns of Chemistry and Science teachers today, and provides opportunities to broaden professional experiences. There are sessions that are particularly important for Chemistry teachers: teaching the concept of acids and pH, elements, mixtures and compounds and exothermic and endothermic reactions.

An effective Chemistry teacher must also develop his/her pedagogical subject knowledge specifically related to teaching Chemistry: for example, the effective use of practical work in Chemistry, the teaching and learning of key Chemistry ideas, and the teaching and learning of Chemistry beyond the classroom. Sessions are provided that focus on these areas for Chemists as well as other sessions in the other two Sciences. Subject knowledge is provided via a peer teaching programme.

Entry Requirements

The basic qualification is a degree or a degree equivalent relevant to the subject(s) to be taught. In assessing the appropriateness of degree courses where the degree title does not match a teaching subject, an applicant must be able to demonstrate that the degree contains sufficient study of the teaching subject.

Applications are welcomed from candidates who have done some teaching or have been employed in some other occupation, or who have done some voluntary service, either in this country or abroad.