Anna Woolerton – MA Interior Architecture and Design

Anna’s Story

Anna’s MA gave her the direction she needed and a dream to open her own practice.

After always feeling slightly unsure about what job I wanted to go into, this course has given me such a strong direction. I feel like I finally know what I want to do.

My main motivation to pursue an MA in Interior Architecture and Design was to gain confidence in the area of spatial design, with a focus on the user. I find it really interesting but wasn’t able to go into it in much depth during my BSc in Architecture, which I did at the University of Reading. I was unsure about continuing with the traditional architecture pathway, but the prospect of a Master’s in Interior Design really excited me.

The main reason I chose to study at Portsmouth was because of the value put on preparing us for industry – something I didn’t feel too confident with before starting. Many other courses I looked at seemed to focus less on this and more on developing the skills introduced at undergraduate level. Another reason was Portsmouth’s location. I live in London and the train link to Portsmouth makes it easy to commute on the days I need to be in.

The teaching at Portsmouth is so inspiring. I have learnt a process of working and thinking that has enabled me to reconsider my approach to design and develop my own unique practice. Being exposed to other disciplines and modes of practice has enlightened me and given me more confidence. I’ve discovered strengths and interests I didn’t realise I had. And found ways to use these to take my work in a really fascinating direction.

We are constantly being introduced to and encouraged to discover other modes of practice, and being made aware of external lecture series, artists or books. Guest lectures from alumni who have gone on to do amazing things have really inspired me and made me realise what is possible. I feel so much more integrated into the design world by being encouraged to relate my own work and ideas to wider texts and theories.

I already feel so much more confident applying for jobs. I feel like I now have a much stronger sense of direction in terms of where I want to go and what kind of career I would like to have. I would really love to work in a practice that sits between art and architecture, and become involved in urban design interventions. Eventually when I have the experience, the dream would be to set up my own practice – something that the University has really opened my eyes to being possible.

This has only been made possible because of the time and energy that the course staff have taken to get to know us and invest in us and our ideas. Their knowledge and expertise is endless.

Everyone at the University is so supportive and keen to help, so don’t be afraid to ask questions. Also, lots of the creative courses have an Instagram account which give a great insight into what sort of things you might be doing.