How careers support helped me get a job in the space industry after my master’s

MSc Innovation and Technology Management graduate Krupa Nanda Kumar discusses life after graduating and why she decided to stay in the UK.

Krupa Nanda Kumar, originally from Chennai, India, is currently based in London. She graduated from Bath in 2019 with an MSc in Innovation and Technology Management.

I can safely say my year at Bath was easily the best yet for me, largely due to the class I was a part of, the friends I made, and the beautiful city I lived in. The course was delivered by some of the best academics who were friendly and engaging, and it equipped me with a valuable set of skills to take forward for success.

Joining the space industry

Krupa Nanda Kumar graduated in 2019 with an MSc in Innovation and Technology Management.

The careers support from both the School of Management and the University’s Careers Service provided guidance from the very beginning of my studies, as I struggled to understand where to start or what to do after graduation.

Once I gained momentum, I was on track and applying to industries I had shortlisted. It was a challenging process, but eventually I had success and, after graduating in 2019, was thrilled to receive a job offer for a position in the UK.

I always wanted to get a job in the UK and work in a big cultural hub like London, particularly in the European space sector. I am fortunate to be on this journey, working in the space industry, with a widely known satellite and space operations organisation as my employer.

Working in the UK

As I am a citizen of India, I do need to be sponsored under the Tier 2 work visa scheme in order to work in the UK. My company is a licensed sponsor and, through the necessary formalities, I obtained my current work visa for my employment.

My job gives me a sense of purpose every day as we try to solve the most challenging environmental and climate related problems through innovative satellite-based services. The reason I chose the course at Bath was to equip myself with the necessary skills and knowledge to do exactly that, innovate and build in a way that is commercially accessible for the world to use and benefit from.

To be able to do this, and stay in the UK and live in the heart of bustling London, provides me with the best work life balance.

“Both the School of Management and the University’s Careers Service provided guidance from the very beginning of my studies”.

Krupa Nanda Kumar MSc Innovation and Technology Management (2019)

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