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Progress your career with a Computer Science, AI and Data Science master’s

Loughborough University has a range of master’s options to build on a bachelor’s degree in computer science or change careers with conversion master’s degree like data science. With programmes on our Loughborough and London campuses, you’ll gain key skills in the real-world application of state-of-the-art technologies.

Through wide-ranging modules and hands-on projects – you’ll develop capabilities and skills, gain insight from industry experts and international academics engaged in cutting-edge research. Loughborough University continues to build strong collaborations with industrial organisations, such as British Telecom, BT Sport, PTV Group, Airbus and many others, to ensure our students have industry-relevant experience to help them succeed in their professional careers.

Our master’s programmes

Our computer science and digital technologies master’s degrees aim to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of computer science, artificial intelligence and data science, enabling you to enhance your career prospects for today’s data-driven digital world.

Both Cyber Security and Data Analytics are pertinent issues in the global computing space. With the ever-growing ubiquity of computers and data, these areas are bound to continue to be of great importance.” – Adeoluwa, Cyber Security and Data Analytics MSc.

The skills I am currently learning on the Data Science programme are a real mix of STEM and non-STEM disciplines. I believe these will equip me with the skills to be a well-rounded candidate for any organisation and I hope I will be able to transfer my skills into any data science related role in the future.” – Annabeth, Data Science MSc.

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