Postgraduate Opportunities

UCS: University Campus Suffolk

UCS opened in 2007 and is among one of the newest higher education institutions in the UK. UCS is a new kind of institution – one that allows you ...


Postgraduate Opportunities at Middlesex University

Middlesex University

At Middlesex University London we have created a learning environment directly connected to the real world of professional endeavour. Our specialist ...


Doctoral and Masters Opportunities

Central European University


Schumacher College

Schumacher College

Through an innovative approach to learning, with experts from around the world, Schumacher College has helped thousands of organisations and ...


School of Sciences and Medicine

University of Buckingham

The School of Science and Medicine comprises the School of Medicine and the Departments of Applied Computing, Psychology and Diabetes, Obesity and ...


Postgraduate Opportunities

Kingston University


Postgraduate Opportunities at Edge Hill University

Edge Hill University

Edge Hill University's Ormskirk Campus is a unique and amazing place to study. Covering 160 acres, the spacious, landscaped grounds combine original ...


SEPnet: South East Physics Network

SEPnet: South East Physics Network

Take seven world-class universities. Combine their strengths. Bring together their knowledge. And join their resources. Then offer PhD programmes ...


College of Arts

University of Glasgow

We bring together the Schools of Humanities, Critical Studies, Culture & Creative Arts, and Modern Languages & Cultures. Multidisciplinary research ...


Postgraduate Opportunities

Edinburgh Napier University


School of Information Systems, Computing and Mathematics

Brunel University

The School is home to two of the UK’s highly rated departments – Information Systems and Computing, and Mathematical Sciences. For RAE 2008, ...


St George's, University of London

St Georges University of London

St George’s, University of London offers a combination of research-focused and vocationally-oriented postgraduate courses. If you are aiming for a ...


Graduate School

University of Birmingham

At Birmingham we are committed to developing and investing in new academic talent. Our vision is to inspire today’s brightest postgraduates to make ...


Postgraduate Opportunities

University of Bolton

At the University of Bolton we are a community of professionals committed to developing our students for their professional lives. Bolton itself is ...


Postgraduate Opportunities

Cardiff Metropolitan University

Whether you are looking for full or part-time study, UWIC is an excellent choice for postgraduate study. We pride ourselves on having a strong ...


IMIM, International Master of Industrial Management


IMIM Consortium is composed by three leading universities in Europe: 1) Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM); the oldest and largest of the ...


Postgraduate Opportunities at the School of the Built and Natural Environment

Northumbria University

Studying at the School of the Built and Natural Environment means you will gain a degree from a leading provider of built and natural environment ...


Postgraduate Opportunities

University College London


Social Policy and Social Work

University of York