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02nd Jul

University of Kent – Open Day – Canterbury Campus 2nd July 2022

Date: 02/07/2022
Location: University of Kent

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Journalism is a growing sector because of the explosion of digital and online channels and services that have evolved in the last ten years. Writing and publishing for consumption has become a highly significant contributor to the sharing of ideas, and qualified journalists remain at the centre of this industry.

The emergence of social media channels, movements led by ‘alternative facts’ and the impact of whistleblowing events means that professional reporting could not be more significant. The impact of reporting by organisations such as Bellingcat is having a major impact on how events are framed and reported by the world's media.

Masters programmes in Journalism often include the NCTJ, which is the additional qualification upheld by the industry as a mark of quality and required by many official media channels and publications.

UK universities offering journalism masters degrees are available in many locations – no longer is journalism dictated by Fleet Street or Westminster. Progressive masters courses have close associations with leading broadcast programmes with specialists in investigative reporting.

Why choose a masters course in Journalism

Masters courses in Journalism allow the student to focus on specific industries as well as adopting the technology to write for online media. The line between reporting the news and presenting the same has been removed as we consume our news through a multitude of devices and in segments that adapt to our needs.

The pandemic has reminded us that journalism is needed in challenging as well as celebratory times, so a masters in journalism will continue that long established objective to share the story behind the facts.

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