Right place, right time – Charlotte Vanner tells us why postgraduate study was the right choice


Charlotte Vanner

Having graduated in Family and Childhood Studies from university in Wales, Charlotte Vanner felt very much done with education. Visiting an LJMU Postgraduate Open Day with a friend, however, she had a serious change of heart.

“I met LJMU’s Social Work Programme Leader Malcolm Kinney and something just clicked,” smiles Charlotte. “Malcolm was inspiring. He made the course sound so interesting. I knew I had to apply.”

Charlotte’s visit to LJMU also enabled her to see the University’s facilities first hand. “I was blown away, the facilities were incredible and I realised I could be really happy here,” she says. “When I came for my interview I met more of the staff and really liked them. Having experienced LJMU I didn’t even attend the interviews I had lined up elsewhere.”

Now well into her studies, Charlotte is still every bit as happy with her choice of programme and institution. “I love everything about it from the wide range of people on the course to the respect that everyone has for each other,” she enthuses. “From the first time I spoke to Malcolm I was fascinated by his interest in mental health and, as time has gone by, I have realised that this is an area I want to work in. It has been a privilege to meet service users, as well as providers, and hear their side of the story and what they need from us.”

In terms of postgraduate study, Charlotte admits it can be a stretch. “You have to study a subject you are passionate about,” she says. “There’s an awful lot of reading involved, you have to work independently and use your own initiative but life’s too short to be stuck in a job you don’t love and I’ve really found my passion at LJMU.”

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