MRes Advanced Neuroimaging

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    MRes  1 year full-time, 2 years part-time

Course Description

This MRes is specifically aimed at those pursuing a professional career in neuroimaging, either in clinical practice or in neuroscience research. This multidisciplinary programme provides training in both the basic scientific and technological principles of modern neuroimaging methods, and in their application to understand neurological function and neurological disorders.

Depending on module choices, you may develop a foundational knowledge of neuroanatomy, understand the principles and main technical aspects of neuroimaging instrumentation and data acquisition, basic image processing and image analysis techniques, and gain a good working knowledge of modern methods for scientific and clinical investigation of the human nervous system using neuroimaging. You will learn critical appraisal of scientific journal articles, use of appropriate statistical methods and adherence to the ethical and governance regulatory frameworks associated with neuroimaging research.

Entry Requirements

A minimum of an upper second-class UK Bachelor’s degree in an appropriate discipline or an overseas qualification of an equivalent standard is required. Students with other qualifications may also be admitted if they possess relevant experience in a field related to neuroradiology and/or medical physics.

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Programme Funding

UCL offers a range of financial awards aimed at assisting both prospective and current students with their studies.

Student Destinations

Students on this programme are immersed in a world-class clinical and scientific environment, taught by leading experts in the field. For clinicians, and professions allied to health care, the programme will equip them with a sound understanding of neuroimaging techniques. For medical physicists it will enable them to develop their theoretical understanding in an internationally renowned centre.


Graduates of the programme will have developed the necessary knowledge and skills essential for a future research career in the areas of neuroradiology, imaging neuroscience or neuroimaging technology.

Module Details

Compulsory modules

  •  Research Project: MRes Advanced Neuroimaging
  •  Research Methods and Introduction to Statistics
  •  Research Integrity and Governance

Optional modules

  • Physical Sciences Module 3: Advanced Imaging
  • Physical Sciences Module 2: Imaging Modalities
  • Physical Science Module 4 – Advanced Neuroimaging Analysis Methods
  • Clinical Module 4: Neurology & Neuroimaging III – Neurodegeneration, Demyelination & Neuromuscular Disease
  • Physical Sciences Module 1: Introductory Science and Methods
  • Clinical Module 1: Foundational Neuroanatomy and Systems
  • Clinical Module 2: Pathology and Diagnostic Neuroimaging I
  • Clinical Module 3: Pathology and Diagnostic Neuroimaging II


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