Does a pandemic-proof career sector exist? Here are two promising options


When forging a career path there are no surefire guarantees whichever industry you pick. But the evidence from the past two years underlines the worth of making your way in hospitality, where resilience comes with the territory, or in luxury, which once again has shown itself to be recession-proof. How do these industries defy gravity? It all comes down to human nature…

Money. We make it; and then we spend it – hoping that we can set aside as much as possible to put towards things which bring us joy.

We humans cherish joy, happiness, the thrill of a new experience… and this fundamental aspect of our nature is all that’s needed to explain the enduring resilience of the hospitality and luxury sectors. It’s why the former is bouncing back strongly from its Covid-19 shock, while the latter continues to boom regardless of the prevailing economic conditions.

As a school with alumni working in both sectors – and in particular at the point they intersect, namely the 5* luxury hotel – Glion keeps a close eye on the health of hospitality and luxury.

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