Les Roches goes beyond the frontiers of tourism with SUTUS 2021


The Space & Underwater Tourism Universal Summit was held in Les Roches Marbella campus from the 22nd to the 24th of September, 2021. SUTUS brought together national and international leaders to discuss the two frontiers that luxury tourism has yet to breach: underwater and space travel.

What is the next step in private space travel? How can humans sustainably grow plants on the moon? How are non-professionals trained to adapt their bodies to space and underwater travel? What archaeological treasures do our oceans contain? These are some of the questions brought forward at SUTUS 2021.

Les Roches is turned into a space demo room

As part of the SUTUS program, the Les Roches campus hosted a demo area where innovative projects related to the new frontiers of tourism could be exhibited. These included innovations such as a space shelter designed by ESA (European Space Agency), a virtual walk through of the solar system using a VR headset, and a 4×6 portable planetarium built by City of Stars.

Marbella is the ideal place to host an event like this, both historically and economically. Five centuries ago, one of the most important expeditions in the world sailed from this corner of the world seeking to discover new trading routes to the Indies. On a more practical note, the Mediterranean city boasts one of the biggest concentrations of luxury tourists in the world.

Like the last edition of SUTUS, this time around we also benefited from the participation of international space agencies like NASA, ESA and JAXA. Some innovative enterprises were also featured like the The Green Moon Project, seeking to cultivate seeds on the Moon; or Earth 300, a futuristic emissions-free yacht which represents an unparalleled opportunity for academia and private enterprise to collaborate on climate change.

A benchmark for luxury tourism

Carlos Diéz de la Lastra, CEO of Les Roches Marbella, said in the opening speech of the event that “SUTUS was born to become a benchmark for luxury tourism”. For this reason, Les Roches is the perfect establishment for this type of summit.

As a leading hotel management training school, being the benchmark of quality education means we must take our students inside and outside the borders of the modern tourism and luxury industry.

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