Within 3 months of passing my MBA, I was offered 3 executive level jobs


I initially discovered the MBA Advanced Entry programme after spending a significant amount of time researching available courses with several providers that would suit my career aspirations and with subjects that I felt would add the most value in my day-to-day operations. This also needed to be with an internationally recognised institute.

Having reviewed Cardiff Met’s course, it was clear it would have the most return on investment. Also, the outstanding reputation of Cardiff School of Management further piqued my interest, knowing it has an excellent reputation and the recognition an MBA with your institution brings with it.

The practical and industry-focused curriculum, coupled with the opportunity to expedite my MBA, was a compelling proposition. Additionally, Cardiff Met’s strong reputation and faculty, coupled with the programme’s flexible learning options were key factors that drew me in. The subject was closely aligned with my requirements to deliver at ‘C’ level and I felt the course would add the most impact in my overall career objectives.

The MBA Advanced Entry programme played a pivotal role in enhancing my strategic thinking, leadership skills, and decision-making abilities. I’ve been able to directly apply the knowledge gained to address complex business challenges in my professional role. It has enabled me to influence at C level effectively with the cross functional underpinning knowledge I have gained.

This has not only benefited my career but has also had a positive impact on my personal development. The MBA has enabled me to navigate back to a C level position. Within 3 months of passing the MBA I was offered 3 executive level roles. The knowledge gained, and the ability to converse and demonstrate that wider business acumen, certainly contributed to this.

The top three takeaways from the MBA programme for me are:

  1. Advanced strategic management techniques
  2. Effective leadership in a dynamic business environment
  3. In-depth knowledge of international business practices

My advice to prospective students considering the MBA Advanced Entry programme at Cardiff Met is to fully engage with the course, leverage the wealth of resources and expertise available, and actively seek opportunities for practical application. The program can be transformative when you approach it with dedication and a proactive mindset.

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