Becoming a Postgraduate Student Rep

Your guide to joining the student council and becoming postgraduate student rep

Francis C. Ahanonu, Vice President for Postgraduates, Coventry University Students’ Union explains how the Students' Union can help students make the most of postgraduate student life. He knows all about becoming a postgraduate student rep and also being a masters student.

As the Vice President for Postgraduate Students, it’s important to me to welcome new postgraduates to Coventry University and also Coventry University Students’ Union (CUSU). At CUSU, a great postgraduate student experience is really important to us and we are here to support postgraduates undertaking their studies at Coventry University, and get the best out of their time.

An integral part of my role as Vice-President for Postgraduate is to represent Postgraduate Research and Postgraduate Taught students. The highest levels at the university leadership hear their voice and take action on their suggestions. We have various feedback mechanisms in place, such as our Student Rep system and also the student council.

Student Council

Why should you be a postgraduate student rep on your student council? Below are some quotes from our Postgraduate Reps on why they enjoy being a Rep:

  • 'Being able to talk to lecturers and give feedback to them'
  • 'Collecting feedback and also resolving any issues'
  • 'Being part of a community of students '
  • 'Developing leadership skills, for instance organising events'

Furthermore, if you need individual independent advice most Students’ Unions have Advice Centre services. Our Students’ Union Advice Centre offers free and confidential advice on anything from funding, consumer law, housing to plagiarism issues.

PG Students participate in societies, volunteering and sports activities . All of this contributes to making the most out of your postgraduate experience. Who says Students’ Unions are just for undergraduates? At Coventry University Students’ union we introduced the Postgraduates’ Guild last academic year to improve communication. This fosters a vibrant and active postgraduate community and also brings in fresh ideas We have a Postgraduates and Mature Students’ Welcome Brunch at the beginning of this year to welcome new postgraduate students. Find out whether there are similar events going on at your university and sign up to them.

More opportunities

We have further events planned throughout the year which will bring in more volunteers. These are open to new students and likewise to postgraduates. There are opportunities for you to get involved in the SU by joining a society or starting a new one. Volunteering, becoming a course rep, standing for elections or getting involved in campaigns and democracy. Check our website for more information. In conclusion, I wish you the best of luck on your postgraduate journey, wherever it might take you.

Next Steps