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Masters degrees in architecture, building & planning provide the advanced training necessary to design and maintain a wide range of built and natural environments – from urban infrastructure to famous country estates and national parks.

Architecture, Building & Planning qualifications are offered through the Apprenticeship route. This scheme allows companies to train their staff to meet the technical requirements of modern buildings. Students can gain skills as they progress through their careers, in the same way as accountancy and the legal profession.

A number of alternative career pathways are open to students who qualify in as architects or planners such as surveyors, project supervisors and environmental management.


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Why study a Masters in Architecture, Building & Planning?

Subjects such as historic building conservation and heritage are popular choices, so the sector is not solely focused on new build schemes. The environmental impact of building materials and the need for green energy solutions are all connected to the sector.

There are a small group of select architectural practices with world-wide recognition. However, the vast majority of roles in these subjects lead to roles in small and medium sized enterprises and local authority departments.

There are a number of world ranked schools of architecture, building & planning at top UK universities, and Masters Compare lists many of these popular institutions and departments.

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