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Masters Degrees in Accounting and Finance

Why study Accounting and Finance?

Masters degree programmes in accounting and finance provide candidates with a pathway to pivotal roles in business. At masters level, modules are designed to develop the expertise of candidates in areas such as corporate finance, asset management, financial risk, portfolio management and analysis.

Students expand their knowledge and work on live industry case studies. There are opportunities to specialise. Many students continue with their studies to undertake additional qualifications such as CIMA, which can lead to professional recognition and Chartered Accountant status.


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Why choose a masters course in Accounting and Finance

A Masters in finance and accounting courses combine practical processes with contemporary theories about business. Careers in finance include a wide range of roles, and this diversity makes the pathway so popular.

No matter how successful your organisation is there is one undeniable truth. Companies live or die by how they manage their finances. All businesses require skills in finance management, so as a career pathway it is limitless, and the most sought-after executives can progress to the highest levels in the corporate world.

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