Funding and scholarships in AI and Data Science

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  • Why do a masters in AI and Data Science?
  • Can you get a fully funded PhD in Data Science?
  • How do you fund a masters in Data Science?
  • How much is a masters in AI and Data Science?

AI and Data Science is a priority area for masters study in the UK. In 2021 the UK Government launched a scheme to help students find careers in AI and Data Science. This included funding and scholarships in AI and Data Science. This scheme is running again in 2023.

Even before the pandemic there was a significant shortage of qualified graduates who are able to take up the opportunities available.

A tough economic outlook is leading to changes, and as a result many people are looking to alternative careers as remote working has become the norm. Jobs in technology fit perfectly with the lifestyle and career changes we are experiencing.

Finding a scholarship in AI and Data Science

Now thirty universities have been awarded a share of the funding to deliver scholarships to eligible underrepresented groups in the 2023-24 academic year. The degrees include a £10,000 scholarship to support students, in order to help with course fees and associated costs.

The scheme is targeting students from a diverse background. Equally important is the shortage of skilled candidates from different communities. Additionally to encourage more students who may not have considered a career in this sector. The scholarship eligibility criteria for 2023 is expanding. It include students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds to provide further opportunities for students.

This Data Science with Artificial Intelligence programme at the University of Liverpool is 100% Online. And what's more it is offered as a conversion course, so it is 'designed for students from a non-computer science background'.

However others are looking for students with strong numeracy skills (e.g. computer science, maths or physics).

Which universities are offering funding and scholarships in AI and Data Science?

Lot's of different universities are offering these opportunities, and we have many of them listed on Postgraduate Studentships. Here is a selection :-

You can check carefully for the admissions criteria for each course on Masters Compare. The scholarships will be offered while the funding is available.

Now is an excellent time to make use of the scheme, as there is a deadline for applications in the next couple of weeks. Look out for more Funding and scholarships in AI and Data Science when you sign up to our newsletter on Masters Compare and Postgraduate Studentships.