Insight from a careers advisor - why study a business masters

A guide to the study of a masters degree in business and management, and why you should choose to do it

Insight from a careers advisor - why study a business masters. Dashi Alpion, is Careers Adviser from Careers Network, University of Birmingham. Shares her expert insight on the value of a masters degree in business and Management.

She is focusing on how this postgraduate qualification can further enhance the specific knowledge and skills required from employers. One of Dashi’s projects involves supporting undergraduates from across the five colleges of the University who are thinking of further study. So why study a Master’s in Business and Management?

Do employers value a Master’s degree in Business and Management?

The short answer to this is, yes. It is of course true that many employers recruit graduates from virtually any discipline through graduate management schemes. University careers services post jobs on dedicated careers websites. These include Reed, Prospects, Target Jobs and Milkround. Employers hire and proceed to train their recruits into management roles.

However, many employers value the technical and specialist knowledge and skills gained from studying for a Master’s in Business and Management.

Whether you study for one year full time or two years part time, you will enhance your transferrable skills. This will undoubtedly help you to stand out from the crowd.

Graduates with a honours degree in Science, Engineering, Social Sciences or Arts often pursue a masters in Business and Management. This as an excellent opportunity to develop core business skills and key competencies. Graduates that want to get ahead and aspire to become future managers and business leaders.

Studying for a Master’s allows these early career professionals to specifically demonstrate to employers that they are versatile. They have developed their knowledge of general business and have enhanced their transferable skills.

What skills do you develop as a result of a Master’s in Business and Management ?

A Master’s in Business and Management will give you the skills to demonstrate understanding of how an organisation works. This is highly valued, whether you are a recent graduate or a mid-career professional.

Through specific tailored modules and exciting team projects, you will develop your skills and knowledge on an array of subject areas such as economics, psychology, consultancy, finance and accountancy with an option to specialise further in any of these areas if desired.

As a Business and Management postgraduate you will be in a better position to articulate to employers why you are the best person for the job. The technical knowledge and transferable skills that you have gained will help give you the edge over the competition.

To summarise the insight from careers advisor Dashi:-

  • Enhance your transferable skills • develop your specific and technical knowledge
  • Articulate your interest in your chosen industry
  • Prove yourself to be an aspiring future leader
  • Gain valuable work experience – some universities offer short-term or project-based placements If you are looking to complete further studies and have a particular intellectual interest in the intricacies of business and management, then a master’s in BAM is the right choice for you.

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