Masters Certificates and Diplomas

Graduate certificates and diplomas generally fall into one of three types:

Graduate Diplomas: sometimes offered for students who have a degree but do not have the specific area of expertise to undertake a particular, usually very specialist, masters degree offered by the same institution.

Postgraduate Certificates: the most well-known of these is the PGCE, required for teaching in most schools in the UK. Students must generally have a first degree.

Postgraduate Diplomas: these tend to be either:

  • Professionally or vocationally related, and provide a mix of additional academic knowledge and professional expertise that students need to enter a profession, or
  • A prerequisite for a specialist masters course, usually offered by the same institution, or
  • The taught elements only of a masters programme: in this case the student follows the same courses as the masters students but omits the research project or dissertation that follows the examinations or assessments.

ThinkPostgrad: Postgraduate certificates and diplomas are often linked either to other qualifications and courses, or to a profession. It is useful to clarify these links, and whether the course you take needs to be accredited by a particular professional body, as well as whether other qualifications may be required subsequently, before applying for this type of course.

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