PostgraduateStudentships PhD Funding Fair 2018 – What Exhibitors Thought

Our annual PostgraduateStudentships PhD Funding Fair takes place in Central London every December. The fair provides your university with the opportunity to meet and talk with UK, EU and International students who are looking for information and advice on applying for PhD funding and opportunities. Students at the fair must meet a specific set of criteria before being invited to attend, and are required to submit their transcripts before being invited to attend. This ensures that the students visiting to your stand will be of high quality and serious about finding PhD and Doctoral opportunities.

We had some great feedback from some of this year’s exhibiting universities:

“I came last year and we definitely thought we’ve got to come back straight away because they’re really high quality students, and they’re clued up. I’m surprised how many people have already looked at our website and they’ve done their homework before they came to speak to us. It’s a good location, so many of our applicants are already in London and it’s really easy for us to get to.

In terms of our funding opportunities, I think we’re quite rare in that we have quite a lot for international students in all subjects. In addition, we offer a few Doctoral training partnerships. Everyone we’ve spoken to, we’ve been able to offer scholarships advice.

We spoke to quite a few UK students and European students, a few from Pakistan, and places like Turkey”.– Felicity Shelley, Queen Mary University London

“We found this morning’s session really useful, we’ve been run off our feet which has been great. We’ve had some really in-depth conversations and some pretty difficult, challenging questions. In terms of our funding at Reading, we’ve brought along a lot of information. We have funding across all areas, particularly in the Social Sciences, the Arts and Humanities, the Business School, and in various other science areas as well.

We’ve had a variety of students. We had one girl who is already at Reading doing a PhD and she wanted to know what kind of funding there is.

Overall, it’s been really good, really busy, we’ve taken a lot of details.” – Alaa Al-Dibouni and Jon Lloyd, University of Reading

“We’ve really enjoyed the day so far, we’ve had a really high calibre of student. We’ve had quite a good footfall coming to the stand which has been really good. I think this is quite unusual the way the event is split by subject area, that’s actually really useful because it means you know who is going to talk to you and what subject areas they’re going to be from. It’s helpful that there’s a break in between as well. The location in particular in London is great, really easy to get to.” – Lindsay Smith, University of Birmingham