Reasons to apply for a masters degree in May

May is great time to look into studying a postgraduate degree. Students thinking about their next move after university have quite a few distractions at the moment, but it makes sense to act now. Here are some reasons to apply for a masters degree in May.

Why should I apply for a masters degree in May?

Many undergraduates will be relieved they have got through the last two years at university, studying their degree using a mix of online and in person teaching. Universities did a good job supporting students and their staff through a crazy period.

However, where you are now compared to where you were back in 2019 is no different. The motivations that led most students to university are the same ones. A university degree is an important step on the pathway to a worthwhile career and future life. A masters degree accelerates that journey towards fulfilling that ambition.

What you do next will make the difference to getting back to normal.

Staying on at Uni vs getting a job

Lots of students will be thinking whether now a good time is to skip further study and just get a job. The employment picture for students who are finishing their undergraduate degrees is encouraging. Most of the indicators are showing that there has been an upturn in vacancies, as UK employers look to recover from the worst effects of Covid on their business.

Remember, not everyone is in a position to benefit. Research by the Resolution Foundation suggests that some young people have been knocked back by getting into jobs that were not that secure.

‘The past few months have offered some good news for youth employment, but policy makers need to ensure that young people are able to enter the labour market and find high-quality work’.

This is why it’s so important to get your career on a secure footing with a masters degree. Having that added security for the future is one of the top reasons to apply for a masters degree in May.

Thinking beyond assessment and exams

The start of spring is a busy time in UK Universities. Current university students are right in the middle of assessment and exam period. Others are completing their final year dissertations.

It might seem as though right now there are other important priorities rather than focusing on further study. However, this is the period when universities are keen to attract applicants so they can plan for the new academic year.

They are looking closely at the masters degree courses that have spaces still to fill and they are looking for ways to reach interested candidates and make them offers.

On the international side students who want to come to the UK to study will be keen to complete their applications to their chosen universities. They need to be assured that they meet sponsorship and visa deadline dates.

Tuition fee discounts make staying on very attractive

At undergraduate level students study a course that brings them to an academic level that they are rightly proud of. The next step is to kick on from this point and cement their knowledge with a masters degree in an area of their existing study that they want to specialise in.

Staying on at the same university to achieve this make sense because universities play their part by offering generous financial assistance, such as the typical example here: -

  • 20% waiver on postgraduate course fees for current undergraduate students/alumni
  • 20% waiver on course fees for postgraduate taught master’s programmes if you have a local connection to the area and have been furloughed, made redundant or are self-employed whose business has been severely impacted due to Covid-19
  • £900 tuition fee reduction for international students studying on-campus postgraduate courses.

The timing of these offers does depend on availability and demand, so the sooner a current student shows that they are interested to carry on then the package of support is assured.

…..its also the chance to relocate to a new area for masters study

Students who have set their sights on a masters degree will want to continue at the university they have already spent three or more years with. However, many students don’t have the luxury of being able to remain on campus or in a location which could be a long way from home.

The other important consideration for a new choice of location career potential. Some employers are located in specific areas, and this can be of greater significance if you have in mind to study a Research Masters degree or PhD linked to industry.

If your family or financial situation means then you have to return to home then the flexibility of an online masters degree could fit your situation perfectly The early springtime is ideal if you want to explore these possibilities.

Postgraduate Loans for masters study available soon

It may surprise you to know that you can cover your tuition fee debt with a loan specially designed for postgraduate study. The UK Government offers as non-means-tested loans of up to £11,836 (master’s degree) and £27,892 (Doctoral students) for courses starting after 1 August 2022.

The rates available are set each year and there are some differences between the different countries of the UK. The application window to apply is open now.

Many universities offer generous scholarships and bursaries, which are linked to specific subjects or are based on academic merit. Any support that a university offers is usually factored-in to your applications when a university is considering making an offer, but its good to check now to see what universities are offering through the listings on our site Postgraduate Studentships.

Open Days are in full swing so you can look at more than one destination

There are many Postgraduate Open Days scheduled for the spring and early summer. This is  because most university teaching has reached the end of its scheduled timetable. Academic and services staff not involved in exam supervision are free to support postgraduate open days.

This allows the university admissions and recruitment teams to organize in person events. Many campus facilities have been restricted by the Covid lockdowns, but as almost all restrictions are now lifted this means masters students can experience a taste of life on campus for real.

For those potential applicants that can’t travel then all the virtual presentations that have been used so widely for the past two years can still be made available to potential applicants, so you really have the best of both worlds.

Am I good enough to study a masters degree?

Investing in study for a few years and discovering more about a specific subject can leave you wanting to know more or thinking about other options. Remember there are lots of conversion courses available that will open up new possibilities for you if you are not sure which way to go next

The admissions tutor for your chosen subject can set your mind at rest regarding the workload of your chosen course. They will take time to explain what’s needed and how you can manage any doubts you may have.

Its normal to have doubts about your future and whether you are ready to take the next step. Remember universities are very experienced in helping students find the right course and offer them lots of support.

Look at the pro’s and con’s of your situation because now is a great time to make decisions. We hope you find your own solid reasons to apply for a masters degree in May. Good luck!