Student Valerija Shares Her Advice About Searching for a Postgraduate Degree

Final year postgraduate student, Valerija, shares with us about when she began her search for postgraduate study. What is her advice is for anyone thinking of searching for a postgraduate degree? 

From my own experience, I would definitely advise to start searching for your postgraduate degree as early as possible. The evidence of this would be my own case. I am studying Economics, Finance and Management and during the second year.

I discovered that to be able to go on to study the Masters I wanted, I would have to have completed a certain number of specific modules. It was therefore essential for me to have discovered this before the module selection process in the third year.

I’d also recommend allocating a lot of time for this research. When I started visiting my selected universities’ websites I recognised three things. The research to best answer all your questions about a particular course and university is time consuming. It can sometimes be hard to find this information, and information that is found can be unclear.

Visiting online

Virtual tours, 360 degree pictures and videos produced by the university where students talk about everything their university offers may not necessarily give the whole picture. Instead, Open Days are a great way to save time and effort.

Filled with information, student ambassadors, booklets and, if you’re lucky, free snacks, they are a great way to take in the overall university environment.

This is when you can benefit from the research you have already undertaken. You'll know which questions to ask and what you want to get from your visit.

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