Top Reasons to study an online masters degree

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Adjusting to spending more time at home has bought a variety of benefits, and one of the most apparent ones has been the opportunity to study an online masters degree.

Online study has surged in popularity during the current restrictions. Some people have used the lockdowns for leisure interests or to improve fitness. For many others it has been an opportunity to focus on their personal and professional goals for academic self-improvement.

Here are some top reasons to study an online masters degree.

1. Home working has led to more productivity

In pre-Covid times, taking on the challenge of a masters course was a balance between full-time work, commuting and leisure time. Now working from home has been accepted as a way of life for those fortunate to be able to do it, and for many it has been a rewarding experience.

Shared parenting and home schooling has altered the traditional dynamics of the home. People are active online during different times of the day rather than condensed into seven working hours. Periods normally spent commuting can be put to productive use. Internet provider TalkTalk published the results of a survey they conducted in September. This showed that more than half of employees (58%) were more productive working from home.

For some, compromises have had to made with career plans. Nevertheless, the home working/learning model now makes the possibility of study for an online masters degree that much closer.

2. Masters Loans means a masters degree is affordable

The UK Government Masters Loan has led to a big uptake in masters degree completion since they were introduced. The criteria for admission is very simple. So long as you are a resident in the UK and under 60 then the loan is available for a full masters degree course, regardless of your income.

Online masters degree courses are included in the loan scheme providing they are full masters degree courses validated by a recognised provider.

3. High ranking providers are now open to everyone

Universities adapted quickly to teaching online in the aftermath of the first lockdown. Providers had advanced plans in place for designing and offering programmes online, including full degrees - using 100% online methods.

Many of the top UK universities have brought forward their courses so that they can be offered virtually. These are fully validated study modules with all the associated assignments and research material designed for remote study. This is much more than just sharing video lectures on YouTube.

Students have online access to the relevant study texts and reference papers via the University Virtual Learning Environment. These would otherwise be under controlled access in a library resource centre.

In addition, all the same academic programme leaders are available for tutorials and workshops, and for 121 support where necessary – delivered online via Teams or Zoom.

Online masters degrees are just as academically challenging as their campus equivalents. They are not a compromise in quality, nor do they lack recognition by industry. All the more reason to study an online masters degree.

4. Typical online masters degree courses include many different subjects

Business and Management have traditionally provided the backbone of the 'blended learning' curriculum. The MBA for example is a well established programme that attracts many applicants from around the world. Modules in this degree course have often been provided for students to complete in a virtual learning environment.

For candidates who do not meet the entry requirements for an MBA most Business Schools offer a wide suite of additional business and finance related masters courses. These are just as relevant and fulfilling, as well as being fully validated programmes.

Other subjects available as online masters degrees cover many of the main subject disciplines, including: -

5. Online masters degrees offer flexibility

Another excellent benefit of an online masters course is the opportunity to commence at different points in the year. For some time Employers have wanted to work more closely with Universities, as the need to upskill the workforce is a continual challenge.

The introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy has opened up the workplace training sector, with many more providers entering the market. Combining this with the flexibility of online masters study has been a game-changer. Now courses at masters level can commence during periods that suit the needs of business rather than traditionally just twice a year in October and January.

Online Learning has also enabled candidates to build up their knowledge through intermediate qualifications at masters level. Modular masters courses such as the PG Certificate and PG Diploma mean that students can accumulate their knowledge and fit it around career or lifestyle choices.

6. Experience the intellectual challenge of a masters degree in a familiar environment

While nothing can directly replace the lived experience of a masters degree on campus, an online masters is very close. It allows you to immerse yourself in your primary purpose - a complete focus on your chosen subject.

You won’t be isolated from your academic mentors or from the support of advisors for finance and welfare. All these people and services will be available to you as much as if they were a stroll across campus.

Study an online masters degree and take advantage of the great opportunities open to you.