Student Spotlight: Sianne, MSc Women’s Health


We speak to Sianne, a student on the MSc Women’s Health taught at the UCL Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Institute for Women’s Health. Hear what Sianne has to say about her course.

 Sianne, why did you choose to study your programme?

I want to take great pride in inspiring and empowering women in their bodies, sexual health and general well-being. I chose this programme because I wanted to develop a greater insight into key health factors of women and broaden my knowledge so that I too, can take better care of myself and live with a different, more transparent and positive perspective. Using the knowledge and expertise I will gain from studying this course will allow me to recognise and shed light on women’s health issues so that more women are conscious of their health risks and can act to protect themselves accordingly.

What have you enjoyed most about the programme so far?

People who come from different backgrounds, cultures and professions. It is a luxury being surrounded by people with a range of skills, knowledge and lifestyles as you learn so much from them.

The lecturers are skilled and knowledgeable and are willing to answer your questions to the best of their abilities.

What are your future career goals?

I want to integrate Women’s Health with my current profession, by educating, providing support, advice, and access and creating resources and a platform for women (including babies) of all ages, in distinct parts of the world, specifically in Low Middle-Income Countries. I wish to use what I will learn here in my career as a Paediatric Nurse as well as find a speciality in Women’s Health, e.g., sexual/reproductive health/gynaecology/obstetrics, medical law, policies or domestic violence. I will also use the opportunity to academically teach elements of Women’s Health in Paediatric Nursing, at universities.

I further desire to work with policy-makers and agencies such as WHO, HFEA, and UNICEF to improve women’s healthcare for women of all ages. I want to spread awareness and knowledge and challenge current practices/ethics/beliefs/policies that are not beneficial, holistic and accessible to all.

What advice would you give to incoming students?

Challenge yourself by coming out of your comfort zone and setting yourself personal goals and targets.

Be kind to yourself and give yourself some grace.

Be realistic about where you are now and where you want to be, and how that might look in terms of achieving your future aspirations (but also dream big too – there’s nothing wrong with that. It gives you something to work towards).

Disappointments do not always equate to failure. It is also still a success as sometimes your desired outcome was meant to be different. There may be something different out there for you that you NEED and once you discover that, you will realise that it was meant for you and that you still succeeded in the end. You just needed redirection.

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