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We are the UK’s leading organisation dedicated to realising the potential of returners to research careers following a career break of two years or more taken for a family, caring or health reason.
From July 2020, the Trust is expanding its remit to include the arts and humanities.

Fellowships will therefore be offered in all fields of research in Universities and Research Institutions in the UK and Republic of Ireland. Whilst the inclusion of arts and humanities represents an expansion of the Trust’s previous focus on STEM and social sciences, this development remains true to the original vision of Daphne, who was motivated by a desire to ensure that individuals who would otherwise be lost to UK research are returned to meaningful careers.

Our expanded remit means we can now support returners across all research areas and work cohesively with organisations across STEM, social sciences, arts, humanities, and all other related disciplines.

The Trust’s remit has gradually evolved since its inception in 1992 to reflect the changing realities of the UK research landscape; Fellowships were offered to men as well as women from 2003, the numbers of Fellowships in social sciences have been increasing for the last five years and from 2019 Fellowships can be offered in the Republic of Ireland.

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