Five reasons to study a masters in law online

There has been a boom in online courses over the past two years, and masters degrees in Law are very popular so here are five reasons to study a masters in law online.

Before 2020 many universities were developing exciting new degree courses. The pandemic accelerated those efforts because most in person teaching was not available. Now that there are less restrictions on travel students can look at both options if they want to study a masters in law.

For many people who are thinking about what they want to achieve in the future then to study an online masters in law looks like it could be the perfect choice.

Reason one : Online learning means you can study from home

The important decision in any masters level degree is your commitment to study. This applies to living and studying in a campus environment as much as it does when you are home based.

You will need to set aside the same amount of hours each week to the program, but without the need for travel, expensive accommodation and all the challenges of applying for a study visa if you are overseas.

If you have more time to devote to your career ambitions then an online masters in law will give you more flexibility. You can continue working or caring for family but with the added prospect of a new career pathway.

Reason two: Online law degrees are fully recognised

A postgraduate course such as an LLM, or a joint masters in Law and Business can be studied on campus or online. It will be made up of teaching modules from an existing masters program or a completely new course.

The modules that you study will be based on lectures, workshops and course materials fully accessed online. Any assignments that are required will be submitted using the online virtual learning environment. Most campus taught courses use exactly the same system.

Strict quality control and approvals systems govern the university. This ensures that the programme is a recognised qualification that is fully validated. The law school will provide a highly interactive online learning environment.

Reason three: Online law degrees cover the same topics as on campus masters degrees

The most popular masters in law is an LLM. The Solicitors Regulation Authority in the UK recognise an LLM as a qualifying law degree. This means the holder is eligible to practice law.

The general LLM aims to promote advanced knowledge and understanding of the law within international, European and domestic settings, and spans foundational issues in areas of law including:

  • commercial law
  • information technology law
  • intellectual property law
  • medical law and ethics
  • innovation and technology law.

Reason four: You will have access to top law professors and legal practitioners

Traditional law schools work closely with local legal employers. This partnership helps to bring services from the law practice into the lecture room. Qualified barristers and solicitors can support students with events such as Moot courts, and many of these functions are delivered online using the available technology.

The content of an online masters is prepared in advance and made available to students to access in their local time zone. The provider designs the course so that the student can get access to all the relevant study material. The student receives direct academic support from experienced tutors.

This allows the provider to source experts in their field so that the student is exposed to the latest examples of case law, and current legal trends.

Reason five: Collaborate with students from across the world

An online masters in law is designed as a one-to- many model. This means that students will need to collaborate online with their fellow students in order to complete assignments or projects.

With a cohort of learners from many different backgrounds this makes the study experience more diverse than is generally found with on campus degrees. You will benefit from the ongoing support of a multi-disciplinary team of online learning specialists.

Next steps

You may be working in a legal capacity, or you may have a career in something completely different. An online masters in law is the perfect stepping stone to a different career path as it can open ups a wide range of possibilities for students in business, accounting, economics, communications and operations.

If you are ready to train to qualify as a solicitor in a law firm then the new SQE qualification is available as an online option as well.

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