Marketing MA

Study Details:

MA 1 year full-time

Institution: Royal Holloway, University of London
Marketing Logo

This Marketing MA is aimed at students who have a keen interest in developing an intellectual understanding of the theories underpinning marketing concepts and processes. You will build a sound knowledge and understanding of the contemporary issues relating to marketing, consumers and culture. It...

Applied Theatre with Young People PG Cert

Study Details:

One year, part-time, September start.

Institution: Royal Central School of Speech and Drama – University of London
Applied Theatre with Young People Logo

Central offers a PG Certificate in Applied Theatre with Young People (PGATYP) in Directing Text in association with the National Theatre, as part of their Connections Scheme. You apply initially through the scheme at The National Theatre. Combines the National Theatre Youth Connections...

Primary (5-11) PGCE

Study Details:

PGCE: 1 year full-time (with placements)

Institution: Plymouth, University of
Primary (5-11) Logo

Gain an in-depth understanding of how young children aged 5–11 think, develop and learn. Offering three different placements during the programme, you will combine practical, real-world learning with the study of children’s communication, thinking and relationships. Supported by our...

Early Years Initial Teacher Training (Assessment Only)

Study Details:

Short Course: 12 weeks

Institution: Nottingham Trent University
Early Years Initial Teacher Training (Assessment Only) Logo

Early years teaching at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) If you are an experienced Early Years practitioner with experience of working with children from birth to 5 years old, and you wish to gain Early Years Teacher Status (EYTS), the Assessment Only route is ideal for you. As an experienced...


Secondary Education (Physics) PGCE

Study Details:

PGCE 1 year full time

Institution: Nottingham Trent University
Secondary Education (Physics) Logo

This teaching degree provides graduates with the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to teach Physics at secondary level. Time is spent in the University and in classroom placements, ensuring that by the end of the course, trainees are confident professionals ready to begin teaching in...

Education (English for Speakers of Other Languages) PG Cert

Study Details:

PG Cert; 1 year part time online

Institution: Derby, University of
Education (English for Speakers of Other Languages) Logo

If your career involves educating other people and you’d like to improve your professional expertise or progress into a more senior role, our online Postgraduate Certificate in Education (English for Speakers of Other Languages) is designed to help you. The Education (English for Speakers of...

Educational Studies MEd

Study Details:

MEd: 12 months full-time; 24 months part-time

Institution: Glasgow, University of
Educational Studies Logo

This programme is designed to deepen your understanding of education so that you can critically analyse education practice, provisions and policy in your own current or future professional context. It supports you in interrogating research literature and in undertaking educational research in your...

Outdoor Education MSc PG Dip PG Cert

Study Details:

Full and part-time

Institution: Edinburgh, The University of
Outdoor Education Logo

For over 45 years, the Postgraduate Diploma in Outdoor Education, and for over 20 years, the MSc in Outdoor Education, have been the world’s leading postgraduate programme in the field, providing a broad base for a professional career in outdoor education. There are three possible exit...

Teaching English for Academic Purposes (TEAP) (Distance Learning) PG Cert

Study Details:

PGCert 9 months by distance learning

Institution: Leicester, University of
Teaching English for Academic Purposes (TEAP) (Distance Learning) Logo

The Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching English for Academic Purposes (TEAP) will provide you with the core competencies required for the design and delivery of effective teaching programmes in English for Academic Purposes (EAP), while furthering your knowledge across the range of key concepts...


Autism MSc

Study Details:

Full-time: 12 months

Institution: Strathclyde, University of
Autism Logo

The MSc Autism provides a critical understanding of the conceptual frameworks relevant to understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This Masters-level course enables you to understand complex cognitive and affective theories essential to supporting the autism profile. This knowledge will enable...

Marketing and Leadership MSc

Study Details:

MSc 2 years part-time

Institution: Cranfield University – School of Management
Marketing and Leadership Logo

Our MSc in Marketing and Leadership will develop your marketing and leadership skills. This practical master’s course enhances your strategic marketing talent and ability to lead change in order to meet constantly evolving customer needs and requirements. You will gain leading-edge insights into...

Education MA

Study Details:

MA 1 year full time, 2-5 years part time or 1-3 years online

Institution: Northampton, University of
Education Logo

As a teacher, education professional or recent graduate, you can take this opportunity to enhance your practice by reflecting on your own personal and professional experiences. A Masters in Education allows you to develop further skills, knowledge and understanding of aspects of specific interest...

Coaching and Mentoring PG Cert

Study Details:

PGCert: 1 year part-time

Institution: Liverpool John Moores University
Coaching and Mentoring Logo

This dynamic programme appeals to practitioners in education, learning and development and to those working in roles where coaching and mentoring are key assets. Study on a programme suited to a wide range of professional roles in areas such as education, nursing, social care, policing and...

Education: Coaching and Mentoring MA PGCert

Study Details:

MA 1 Year full-time 2 years part-time PGCert 1 year

Institution: St Mary’s University Twickenham
Education: Coaching and Mentoring Logo

This programme offers you the opportunity to be at the forefront of developments in coaching and mentoring within schools and other educational and sports establishments. This course is based on your own practice and is therefore highly relevant to your professional role and context. The variety...


Management and Leadership of SEN MSc

Study Details:

Up to 12 months part-time

Institution: Liverpool Hope University
Management and Leadership of SEN Logo

Why this course? The content reflects upon national perspectives that provide a framework to address key aspects of the role of Special Educational Needs managers and leaders. Develop effective SEN management and leadership skills. Provides up-to-date knowledge support for professionals working...

Autism MEd

Study Details:

36 months, part-time/part-time distance learning

Institution: Strathclyde, University of
Autism Logo

The MEd Autism is suitable for those looking to pursue part-time study in this area. It’s ideal if you’re seeking a qualification while working that will enhance your professional practice. The course provides a critical understanding of the conceptual frameworks relevant to...

Education (International) PG Cert

Study Details:

12 months part-time online

Institution: Strathclyde, University of
Education (International) Logo

The University of Strathclyde has a rich history of teaching and innovation. This programme builds on the international research strengths of the School of Education in the areas of children and childhood, equity and social justice, pedagogy and curriculum policy and teachers and teacher...

Psychology in Education MSc

Study Details:

1 year full-time

Institution: York, University of
Psychology in Education Logo

Learn to apply psychological methods and approaches to educational policy and practice. This BPS-accredited conversion course is ideal if you want to pursue a career in psychology, but didn’t study Psychology at undergraduate level, or studied on a non-accredited programme. You’ll...

Luxury Brand Management MA

Study Details:

MA 1 year full-time, 2 years part-time

Institution: Goldsmiths
Luxury Brand Management Logo

The MA Luxury Brand Management equips you with the management, entrepreneurial, marketing and professional skills to work in the luxury goods and experiential luxury industry. The luxury brands sector encompasses the fashion and retail industry, as well as sectors such as tourism, hospitality, food...


Secondary PGCE with QTS: Physics PG Cert

Study Details:

PGCert 1 year full-time

Institution: Swansea University
Secondary PGCE with QTS: Physics Logo

Welcome to the Swansea University Schools’ Partnership (SUSP/PYPA), an innovative collaboration of school and university-based staff working together to ensure that ‘Tomorrow’s Teachers’ have the skills and experience to make a difference to pupils in Wales. Well-qualified Physics...

Business Management (Marketing) Online Learning MSc

Study Details:

21-33 months online learning

Institution: Edinburgh Napier University
Business Management (Marketing) Online Learning Logo

Develop your business management skills with a focus on marketing that you can study any time or place that suits you during term time Our online (part-time) MSc Business Management (Marketing) will equip you with the practical skills and expertise to help further your career in marketing. This...

Secondary Education Computing PGCE ProfGCE

Study Details:

PGCE/ProfGCE 1 year full-time

Institution: Hertfordshire, University of
Secondary Education Computing Logo

This Masters level professional training programme introduces you to the requirements for teaching Computing to the 11-16 age range and leads to recommendation for Qualified Teacher Status. Where appropriate, opportunities to experience post 16 provision will be available. You will be introduced...

Secondary Education: Home Economics PGDE

Study Details:

36 weeks full-time including 18 weeks of placement experience

Institution: Strathclyde, University of
Secondary Education: Home Economics Logo

Home economics in secondary schools encompasses: health & nutrition practical food techniques consumer studies textile technology At Strathclyde, our experienced home economics tutors have wide knowledge in all contexts of Home economics and have established a sound reputation amongst the...

Marketing MSc PG Dip PG Cert

Study Details:

MSc/PGDip/PGCert 1 year full-time

Institution: University of the West of England
Marketing Logo

This course develops the thinking skills required for a successful career in marketing, while also giving you plenty of opportunity to apply those skills to real marketing issues. If you are looking to forge yourself a career in marketing, the MSc in Marketing at Bristol Business School will give...