Go for it: Master’s student Emily on her Student Roost studio


Looking for the perfect place to start your next chapter? One of the biggest decisions for university postgrads is choosing where to live and it’s okay to admit that your priorities may have changed since your undergraduate degree.

Student Roost understand that you may be looking for a more private level of accommodation as you navigate your postgraduate journey. Live on your own terms and enjoy the luxury of your own studio, focus on study, or simply relax in your own space, with social spaces to share.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for freedom but still like the idea of flatmates to share dinner with (and the washing up!), Student Roost also offer en-suite apartments and flat shares if that’s your preference – plus you can request an all-postgraduate flat!

Read on to discover how Emily’s studio space at Student Roost made ‘a big difference’ to beginning her postgraduate journey.

Emily’s postgraduate story

For her fifth year at university, student Emily Philpott was looking for the perfect place to settle so she could focus on starting her master’s studies. She found it at The Depot, Student Roost’s studio accommodation in the heart of Bath.

Studio flats are a popular option for postgraduates. They’re typically smaller than shared flats, but you’ll get everything you need in your own space – perfect if you don’t feel like sharing. But is this the best option for you?

 Name: Emily Philpott
Roost: The Depot

Emily on moving in:

“I just moved in, and everything was set up and ready to go. Not having to deal with landlords and utility companies has been such a relief. It has made a big difference to the ease of starting a master’s degree.”

Emily on the sense of community:

“What particularly made me feel at home is everyone is very friendly, and the team call me by name which is nice. Someone is at reception 24/7 which is very reassuring – they will take your parcels too!”

Emily on space to work:

“As my course is mostly remote teaching, it’s great to have a clean, warm, bright space to study. The rooms are very well soundproofed. It’s a nice space to work and has made it far easier to concentrate.”

Emily on living in a studio:

“One of the reasons I chose to live in The Depot was because I am now in my fifth year of study and wanted to have a space all to myself. I can get up as early or late as I want, come home as early or late as I want – and I have the fridge to myself!”

Emily’s advice to students on making the move to a Roost:

“If you are seriously considering it as a master’s student, I would say go for it. There is a lot to be said for having a distraction-free space that is clean, warm and safe.”

 The choice is yours, plus all bills included!

Whether you’re searching for independent living within a friendly, vibrant student community, or you’re looking to share a flat with other postgraduate students – Student Roost have got you! Plus, there are no hidden costs, caps or usage limits with us, meaning you can enjoy full peace of mind that your bills are covered by your rent.  In fact, the only extras you’ll get are the good kind that add value, like 24/7 support, comprehensive contents insurance, free dual occupancy and so much more. Sounds good, right?

Find right fit for you across Student Roost’s portfolio of 50-plus properties in 21 cities, offering plenty of room types to suit you and your needs during your studies.

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