Ibrahim El Mayet, Global MBA


Ibrahim El MayetIbrahim El Mayet is a current student on the Global MBA programme, which he combines with a business development role at the University of London. He tells us about the study experience and how the course works in practice.

What attracted you to the MBA programme?

The Global MBA is forward-looking. Beyond helping me to gain a holistic understanding of how a contemporary business operates, it also offers a compelling selection of elective modules and specialisations.

Are you planning to pursue a general MBA or follow one of our five specialist pathways?

The Entrepreneurship & Innovation specialisation is interesting. There are also some interesting modules in Finance and in Leadership.

It’s useful that I don’t have to commit at the beginning. I may go for a general MBA, picking relevant modules from different specialisations. But I’m keeping my options open for now.

How do you find the study experience / study materials?

The Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is user-friendly and nicely optimised for mobile allowing me to pick up my studies on the move whether on my daily commute or travelling further afield for work.

All the content, from the essential reading to video lectures, is contained within the VLE, so no excuses there – it’s all on me!

Can you tell us about one new thing you’ve learnt since you began?

From the very beginning this course has provided useful learning. Not coming from a finance background, I’ve enjoyed learning more about the factors that influence investment decisions.

Are you able to apply your learning as part of your role?

I already feel better equipped to understand my organisation. I will put this to good use in my own role when evaluating opportunities with prospective partners.

Ibrahim is a Regional Business Development Manager at the University of London, with responsibility for the Middle East and Africa regions.

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