Akash Yalagach – Space Engineering MSc


“The presence of an active space centre is a great asset for learning the nuances of designing a space mission.”

Having done an undergraduate degree in aerospace engineering and worked for the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) for a couple of years, I wanted to gain a postgraduate degree in space engineering. As Surrey is one of the frontrunners across the world in designing, building and operating small satellites, with the Surrey Space Centre on campus, it was the obvious choice for me.

The best thing about the MSc in Space Engineering is that its modules cover every engineering aspect of designing and conducting a space mission, so it turns you into a multi-disciplinary space systems engineer. The presence of an active space centre is a great asset for learning the nuances of designing a space mission. Every professor has worked on space missions, bringing their hands-on experience to the lectures.

The other great thing that stands out during my time at Surrey is the wonderful cohort of students who made the course and lectures enjoyable. Surrey has a diverse student community which gives you the chance to make friends from many different countries and learn about their culture. Working late nights on project reports with friends at Surrey Space Centre and ordering pizzas to keep us going, were the best times. Other memories I’ll cherish are cooking together with friends in our on campus residence, taking part in karate sessions and playing squash at Surrey Sports Park.

I studied for the MSc at Surrey during a sabbatical from my job and, since returning, I’ve continued to work as a systems engineer at ISRO. My work now focuses on the assembly, integration and testing of payload fairings for launch vehicles which is exciting, and getting the chance to witness launches makes my job really satisfying. I’ve recently been promoted to the next grade of engineer within my organisation.

To anyone thinking of studying space engineering at postgraduate level I’d say: work hard and consistently, and stay focused on your goal. We are living in exciting times when the space industry is growing beyond the realms of government, and there are many wonderful opportunities in store.

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