Emma Trayhurn – my experience as a psychology student


My experience as a psychology student

What do you enjoy about your course?

My favourite part of my undergraduate Psychology degree was conducting my Final Year Research Project. This allowed me to select an area of Psychology I was interested in and investigate it in depth. I’m currently studying the MSc Clinical Psychology and Mental Health master’s which has been extremely interesting so far.

What do you like about Swansea University from the perspective of a student?

Academically, Swansea has some of the best lecturers and academics in their field, who are happy to give you any support and advice. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the course, I felt it had a perfect work-life balance which kept my stress levels at bay (most of the time).

Swansea has so many societies to suit everyone’s taste and sports teams and sporting opportunities are massively supported by the university. I’ve loved being part of the Swansea University Cheerleading Society.

Summer Ball is my favourite event of the year, run by our amazing Student Union, which gives everyone the opportunity to celebrate the end of the year.

Swansea as a place, is a great location for university, it’s a small city so it’s easy to navigate your way around, especially with all the bus routes that pass through the university.

What is your advice to students thinking of applying to Swansea University?

If you want to come to a university that values you as a student, make amazing friends, live by the sea and have some unforgettable nights out, then Swansea couldn’t be a better fit. I’m having the best time of my life here and couldn’t imagine having my university experience anywhere else.

What is your advice to students thinking of applying to the School of Psychology and more specifically, the course you study?

All the staff members working for the School of Psychology are so helpful and view students’ wellbeing as their key priority. Swansea University takes a great interest in your personal statement, compared to other universities that may just consider grades, as they want to know what talents and attributes you can bring to the university.

The lecturers for the Undergraduate Psychology course are extremely engaging and have a real passion for their specific interests which is clear when they lecture. In my opinion, the highlight of the Swansea University Psychology course is the third year optional modules. There is a huge range of modules to suit everyone’s psychological interests, which allow students to personalise the course to their strengths.

If you could sum up your student experience so far, what would you say?

It’s been the best experience of my life, I’ve learnt so much about myself and made friends for life. I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else.

Have you experienced anything unique and positive during your time at Swansea University that you would like to mention?

My proudest moment at Swansea University was being awarded a First Class Honours and receiving the Head of Department Award at my Psychology Graduation. I also received an Academic Excellence Scholarship for my master’s degree which was a great achievement.

Do you know what you would like to do once you have graduated? Further education/career path?

I graduated from Swansea University in July and am currently studying the MSc Clinical Psychology and Mental Health course. I am interested in pursuing a career in Clinical Psychology.

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