Jemma Jaheed – MSc Clinical Psychology and Mental Health


Country: Wales

Course: MSc Clinical Psychology and Mental Health

What are your top 3 favourite things about Swansea?

  • The people – really honest (I’m a good way), helpful and kind. As it’s a close-knit community you really do feel welcome here
  • The beach(es) – for any photography or nature enthusiasts the scenery here is second to none
  • The price – Swansea really does cater to the student friendly budget!

Why did you choose to study your degree at Swansea?
The Clinical Psychology course seemed really interesting and the opportunities for further personal/professional development among some of the best academic in the field of Psychology felt like a no brainier.

What is your favourite thing about your course?
The people – postgrad life (for some) can be a really isolating experience thankfully I have had the opportunity to meet some incredible people through this course coming from all walks of life. Conversing befriending and communicating with them has been a huge learning experience.

What are you planning/hoping to do after you graduate?
I am hoping to obtain some further work experience within the field of Psychology

Would you recommend Swansea University to other students?

  • Expert tutors
  • Student body/ Course mates
  • Close transport/travel networks
  • I would recommend Swansea University for those looking to become more independent learners!

Have you worked part-time during your degree?
Yes, as a student ambassador.


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