Gaia Cawley – MSc Criminal Justice


Gaia is ambitious to make an impact on policy and education in her career. Find out more about how she is tailoring her Master’s to suit her ambitions.

Gaia’s Story

By customising her course and graduating title, Gaia tailored her Master’s for a career with impact.

After graduating with a BSc in Psychology with Criminology, I wanted the opportunity to learn even more and delve deeper into a specialised area. Also, to get a high paying job within this area, it is recommended to do a Master’s.

As I am originally from a large city, I wanted to study somewhere that had all the facilities I needed without being too overwhelming. Portsmouth also attracted me because its community of students, staff and alumni is very diverse and welcoming.

A flexible course

You can choose a number of your modules to suit your career aspirations.
Most importantly, Portsmouth offers an amazing, flexible course that has not only allowed me to specialise in the area I’m interested in, but will also aid my career prospects.

Busy but balanced days

I give myself evenings off.
A typical 9-5 day for me consists of independent study – probably in the University Library – and working a shift for one of my part-time jobs. I give myself evenings off, so I have time to decompress and relax after a busy day. In my spare time, I enjoy filming and editing videos for the YouTube channel that I run, where I document my life at University.

Support at every step

The Additional Support and Disability Advice service has been a big help to me!
I struggle with dyslexia and dyspraxia – Portsmouth offer so much in the way of additional support, not only in this area but for a whole range of disabilities. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, you’re not alone.

Ambitions to make a difference

‘A big goal of mine is to have a positive, meaningful impact on policy and education.’
I aim to embark on a PhD in the area of Criminal Psychology within the next few years. I have been able to find out more about PhD opportunities while at Portsmouth. A big goal of mine is to have a positive, meaningful impact on policy and education.

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