Rubie Targema-Takema – PhD in Computing


Rubie Targema-Takema: Pursuing a postgraduate degree in technology equips me with the skills, network and information to solve real problems

Rubie’s passion for technology inspired her PhD Computing research and her dreams to change the world.

I arrived at Portsmouth young, unsure and uncertain about my career. Now, I feel confident, decisive and motivated.

This is largely because of the support I’ve received from all the services in the University, both academic and non-academic. Portsmouth has greatly influenced the adult I have become.

Pursuing a passion for technology

Before starting my PhD, I did a Computing foundation degree at International College Portsmouth (ICP) and moved on to complete my undergraduate degree in BSc (Hons) Software Engineering. I had amazing support systems around me at Portsmouth during my undergraduate degree. My supervisors, the University services and the friendships I developed from the society I joined via the Students’ Union, all made it easier to make the decision to continue to a postgraduate degree.

I also really enjoyed researching during my final year project and was convinced that my research could benefit real-world problems. In 2019, I got the opportunity to present my undergraduate research at the Houses of Parliament. It was an informative and enlightening day, and the feedback I received from that day helped shape my research further. So I took the challenge and applied to continue my research as a PhD student. Portsmouth is also highly ranked for PhD Computing – so this greatly influenced my decision to continue to study here.

Everything about technology is unique and fascinating. Pursuing a postgraduate degree in technology equips me with the skills, network and information to solve real problems that affect individuals.

Living and working in Portsmouth

I wanted a medium-sized city with proximity to places and I got exactly that in Portsmouth. I get to walk everywhere without spending much money on transportation. The seaside and beach was another factor that influenced my decision.

I have a structured day/week and I try to give at least three hours minimum to study daily. Aside from my studies, I work with the Information Services department on a flexible basis, providing IT support to staff and students around the University. In 2018, I was nominated for a volunteering award for my work with a social enterprise called Toucan diversity, which I found through the Careers and Employability Service. I also meet three times a week with the International Fellowship of Christian Students (IFCS), a society I joined via the Students’ Union, and I run a blog and podcast. When it’s not too cold, I play basketball.

Planning to lead the future

I would love to develop and influence effective educational technology policies for countries. I hope to also sit on advisory boards and help educational institutions and companies make better choices with regards to the adoption and integration of technology. I also hope to one day run a vocational and leadership academy where underprivileged children in Nigeria can learn world-class vocations and leadership skills.

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