Allan Njanji – MA / PGDip Documentary Journalism


“I decided to do postgraduate study mainly to progress in my current career path as a documentary filmmaker. My undergraduate course mainly taught me the technical aspects of my craft, and I wanted to delve deeper into the fundamentals of investigative journalism.

“When I learnt that CBJ was highly regarded nationally for its journalism courses, and that NTU has a reputation for world-class research, this made my decision to join this university much easier. I also considered the modules that were offered for my Masters degree, and realised that they would provide a strong foundation for my career.

“I enjoyed the guest lecture sessions the most during the MA course. These provided the opportunity to get input from industry professionals and practitioners, who offered different perspectives as they were detached from the course and university. It also meant that as students we could network and form links with people from different backgrounds offering diverse skill sets and expertise. I have managed to stay in touch with some of these industry practitioners, who act as mentors on different aspects of my career progression.

“The course staffs’ knowledge and expertise in their respective fields has been invaluable to my development on the course. From the one-to-one contact as and when needed, to providing overall guidance in one’s career progression, their contribution is indispensable. They also exude warmth, passion and patience in their delivery of content. This also includes the vital support from the technicians within CBJ. From learning new software to acquiring new technical skills, the whole cohort support team is dedicated to making sure the students achieve excellence in their fields.”

“My highlight at NTU was seeing one of my documentary films being screened at Broadway Cinema in Nottingham. We had industry practitioners in audience, which included one of my mentors. She later mentioned that I had surpassed her expectations and she was prepared to collaborate with me on her next project.”

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